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Kingwin EZ-2535W EZ-Dock Docking Station Review

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Since the Kingwin EZ-Dock is an external hard drive docking station, I will be running the same benchmarks on it that we use for external hard drive enclosures. These tests include HDTune, SiSoftware Sandra, and real world transfer times to the hard drive. To compare the results of the EZ-Dock, I will be putting it up agaist the Thermaltake BlacX (another external hard drive docking station), as well as a hard drive attached interally via the motherboard SATA connection. The Kingwin EZ-Dock has both USB and eSATA connections so the tests will be run on each interface. To rule out any potential interference with the scores, all hardware will be operating at their stock speeds, timings and voltages.


Testing Setup:


Comparison Enclosures:



  • Average Transfer Rate (HD Tune)
  • Access Time (HD Tune)
  • Burst Rate (HD Tune)
  • CPU Usage (HD Tune)
  • Physical Disk Drive Index (SiSoftware Sandra Professional XIIc)
  • Physical Disk Access Time (SiSoftware Sandra Professional XIIc)
  • File Systems Drive Index (SiSoftware Sandra Professional XIIc)
  • File Systems Access Time (SiSoftware Sandra Professional XIIc)
  • Real world transfer time



HD Tune:

HDTune measures disk performance to make comparisons between drives or disk controllers.




SiSoft Sandra:

Sandra is a benchmarking utility designed to test all areas of a computer system. Today I am going to use four tests that will measure the performance of the hard drive using each enclosure/dock.




Real Time File Transfer:

We will be transfering a 10MB, 100MB, and a 500MB zipped file to the hard drive and timing it using a stopwatch to measure how long it takes the file transfer to complete.



There was not much difference between the Kingwin EZ-Dock and the Thermaltake BlackX using USB, however the presence of the eSATA port was a substantial improvement with the EZ-Dock giving it a speed advantage.

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