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EVGA GTX 260 FTW Edition Review



With the hardware part of the installation completed, the next step is to install the drivers and utilities that make the GTX 260 work. Without the correct drivers, the video card will be detected and setup as the default VGA display offering little in the way of GPU performance. Many manufacturers include a proprietary utility to monitor and/or overclock the video card(s). EVGA is no exception and has included the "Precision" utility.

Start off by inserting the driver/utility disc into the optical drive of your computer and choose to run the application. From that point on you will need to choose the items to run for your particular system. The drivers, Fraps, DirectX 9 and 10, the precision utility and Adobe Reader are included.








The installation gives you several choices to make. Since the drivers and utility were all that were needed for my system, that is the path I took. The drivers install just the way they do if downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Follow up the installation with a reboot to let the driver installation process complete.



The Precision utility is an overclocking as well as monitoring tool. Adjusting GPU core, memory, shader clocks and fan speeds can all be done from within this handy little utility. The left panel takes care of the monitoring, while the right is where the adjustments are made. Setting and saving profiles can be done to keep specific settings when pushing the overclocking limits.



If the level of performance or visual quality is not what you demand, you can always make adjustments to change the way the display looks through the use of the Nvidia control panel. The settings can be set to predefined levels ranging from performance to quality, as well as game specific settings. With the installation of the nTune utility, you can access more detailed options to further increase the overclocking performance.



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