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EVGA 790i SLI FTW Review

ccokeman    -   September 28, 2008
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Like most companies out there EVGA sends a bundle of accessories with the 790i SLI FTW. If you have seen enough motherboards you can see the companies that give you just a little bit more than the normal driver disk, manual and I/O panel. EVGA has provided a bundle that is a bit better than the normal. This bundle includes everything you will need to get the board up and running. Of course, there are items you need to supply such as the processor, system memory, power supply, storage and the chassis. The manual was a refreshing change from the manuals many manufacturers use. The manual is larger and allows the print to be larger so that it is easily more readable than the smaller manuals that you need a magnifying glass to read.

















To connect your storage, optical and floppy drives EVGA has included just about enough cables to max out the connectivity of the 790i SLI FTW. A nice change from the "just two will do" crowd. For added connectivity to the back panel there are included brackets for adding four more USB ports, one 1394 port and a serial port. There are three power cables adapters to increase the amount of available SATA power connections available from your existing power supply.



The I/O shield is pretty similar to ones I have seen on the Asus ROG lineup. Most of the annoying block off tabs that you need to break off are not in place on the EVGA piece. A couple are there, though not a deal breaker by any means. The shield is designed to block any radio frequency transmissions as well as protecting the components near the main connection point for most of the peripherals.



Last, but not least, are the SLI bridge connectors. Since the 790i SLI chipset supports Tri SLI it just makes sense to include both the connections for a standard two card SLI setup as well as the three card setup. The two card connector has the connection ports connected via a ribbon cable while the tree card connection system has the ports on a PCB that is spaced for this board.



Let's see what the board has to offer.


  1. Introduction & Closer look
  2. Closer Look (Bundled Accessories)
  3. Closer Look (The Motherboard)
  4. Closer Look (The BIOS)
  5. Closer Look (The BIOS Continued)
  6. Configuration (Drivers & Programs)
  7. Specifications & Features
  8. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  9. Testing (Apophysis & Winrar)
  10. Testing (Specview 10, PcMark Vantage)
  11. Testing: Sandra XII Professional
  12. Testing (Sciencemark, CineBench 10, HD Tune)
  13. Testing: Crysis
  14. Testing: Knights of the Sea
  15. Testing: BioShock
  16. Testing: Call of Duty 4
  17. Testing: World In Conflict
  18. Testing: Call of Juarez
  19. Testing: Company of Heroes - Opposing Fronts
  20. Testing: 3DMark06 Professional
  21. Conclusion
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