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Everglide Giganta V-3 Mouse Surface Review



Personally, I don't like the Everglide Giganta V-3 mouse surface and I plan on keeping my Icemat. The Giganta V-3 simply doesn't like highly sensitive mouse settings, plain and simple. I also couldn't live without my wrist pad, and I don't think I should have to flip the mouse surface around 180 degrees just to use the pad. If you're an optical mouse user that doesn't require a wrist pad, then this might just be the mouse surface you've been looking for. If you're an owner of a ball mouse, or you require a wrist pad then I would look elsewhere for you're ultimate gaming mouse surface.

I had one last effort at trying to prove I was wrong about the high sensitivity mouse ball problems with the Giganta mouse surface. I thought I would turn down the mouse sensitivity while playing Half-life to find out if the problems still occur. I launched a game of Half-life online, and started playing (with my regular settings) and I noticed the problem again. I then set the sensitivity much lower than I normally play (which is probably more normal for most gamers) and it appeared as though the problems went away. This was the evidence I needed to insure that there's a sensitivity problem with the Giganta mouse surface when using a ball mouse. When Everglide reads this review maybe they'll try to reproduce this problem in their labs and if that does happen, maybe they'll fix the problem.



  • Very Durable
  • Smooth
  • Optical Mice Friendly
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Problematic with high sensitivity ball mice
  • No built-in wrist pad

  1. Introduction & Specifications
  2. Conclusion
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