Everglide Giganta Ray Mouse Pad Review

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Reviewed on: March 16, 2004
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Price: 39.99 USD
Today we will be looking at a new version of my favorite mouse pad the Everglide Giganta. The Giganta has been around for a few years, and has proven its worth as a durable performance mouse pad. In June of last year we looked at the Everglide Giganta here. With the recent trend in lighted mouse pads, Everglide modified their popular Giganta optical pad with a housing containing six blue LED lights. One of the first things that crossed my mind was; would the led lights have any effect on the tracking of my Razer Viper optical? Read on to find out.

  • 9 1/2" High
  • 11 1/2" Wide
  • 1/4" Deep
  • Includes: Blue UltraBrite LED design, Non-Skid backing, 5' USB Cable

    Closer Look

  • The physical dimensions of the Ray have not changed from the Giganta. What you will find is the housing containg six blue LED lights, with a USB cable jotting out the back. The pad itself is big made out of a clear thermoplastic with glitter embedded to help with optical tracking. One thing I would have liked to of seen is a detachable cable. If you happen to use the Ray unconnected, there's no way to get rid of that pesky cable.

    The lights on the Ray are bright enough to be seen in a well lighted room, but in a dark room or LAN party this pad will definitely get you some looks. The plastic directly over the LED housing gets slightly warm to the touch, but nothing you will notice unless you place your hand directly over the housing. Another thing I think should have been included was a switch to turn the LED lights on and off. After powering the computer down, the lights stay illuminated unless you physically unplug the USB cable.

    Gone are the rubber feet of the Giganta being replaced with rubberized backing. The rubberized backing does two things; first it keeps the pad in place during gaming, but also keeps the USB cable, and housing in place. The 5' USB cable is more than enough for the average user. Testing

    Testing was pretty straight forward, since using a Giganta for almost a year now there was no difference going to the Ray. One thing I did notice was that the black rubber backing made the Ray feel slightly higher, but after a few hours I didn't notice the added height. Tracking on the textured surface was dead on. I thought I might see some tracking issues from the blue LED light with my Razer Viper mouse, but I had zero tracking issues during testing. As with my Giganta the Ray surface was very smooth and quiet.


    Everglide took the proven design of the Giganta added some LED lights and made one sweet looking mouse pad. Performance and looks usually don't go hand in hand but with the Ray you get both. I do have a few gripes with the Ray the lack of a power switch, and detachable USB cable might be a turn off to some users, and the price is a little steep for a mouse pad 39.95. If you're looking for a lighted mouse pad to finish off you modded system the Everglide Ray is for you. I'd like to thank www.gamerzStuff.com for making this review possible.