Evercool Booster Cool Wrist Pad Review

Propane - 2009-11-02 15:25:18 in Mouse Pad
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Reviewed on: January 19, 2010
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Over the years, people have looked for solutions to keep their hands cool while using a mouse or keyboard. The Evercool Booster is one such device, using two USB powered fans to send air past your 'mousing' hand to keep a cool breeze flowing. In theory it sounds like a good idea, but will it hold up in practice?


Closer Look:

The Evercool Booster comes packaged in a blister back, which is unfortunate. The packaging shows the product and even allows you to try placing your hand in it. The back has several product images and a list of the specifications and features.









Inside the packaging is the Booster itself, as well as a USB to DC cable used to power the device. The power cable is very similar to those seen on other similar Evercool products.



The Booster itself has two small fans on either side of a dip that is designed to fit your wrist. These two small fans push air out past your hand while the black foam in the wrist cradle is soft and makes it a little more bearable to use the device. The power fits into the right side of the Booster, which could be a problem for people with their computers on their left. The back is curved down, presumably for aesthetics, and has several slits to allow airflow.



Overall Dimension: 180 x 77 x 48.5 mm
DC Fan Size: 40 x 40 x 10 mm x 2
Heatsink Material: Plastic
Bearing Type: Ever Lubricate bearing (Long Life bearing)
Speed: 4500 +- 20% RPM
Noise Level: < 19 dBA
Rated Voltage: 5 V DC (USB)
Weight: 89 g





All Specifications and Features taken from the product's packaging.


As the specifications indicate, the target audience for the Evercool Booster is gamers, so to test it I will be using it while playing Dragon Age: Origins and Counter-Strike. I will also use it for some day-to-day operation to see if it helps at all with less intense activities. This will just be based on subjective opinions and what I personally noticed, as there is no measure I can take to test the Booster's performance. I will be using the Saitek GM3200 gaming mouse with this review.


At first, I thought it would be good to have fans cooling off my hand as I played through some of my favorite games. However, the woes started as soon as I set up the Booster. The first thing I noticed was that it took up a significant part of my moderately sized 'mousing' area. As everyone who has played a game knows, 'mousing' area can be the difference between fragging and getting fragged, so this was a noticeable downer before even beginning to use it. The next thing that I noticed was that the device wasn't really comfortable. It felt like I had something holding my wrist in place. This led to the third problem, which was that my wrist was basically pinned down so the only movement I could do to the mouse was the little bit I could do by shifting my wrist. For some gamers, this isn't a huge problem, but for gamers like me that like to slide their mouse all over the place, it significantly hindered my ability to play. All in all, it was a very negative experience - one which I will not be repeating.


Regular use:

The woes from gaming mostly translated over to the general computer use as well, although the wrist pinning problem was not as evident, due to the Booster gripping my wrist very close to my hand. However, there was a new issue that presented itself, which was that going between using the keyboard and using the mouse, meant I had to make sure to drop my wrist in the exact correct spot to avoid landing on top of one of the fans. Also, a high pitched fan noise was noticeable as I no longer had gaming headphones blaring gunshots to cover up the fan noise. Again, this was not a very good experience.


While the Evercool Booster has a decent idea that sounds good on paper, the execution is very poor and lacks any benefit, yet pulls along a myriad of drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks are that the product takes up a significant part of your 'mousing' area, reducing the area you can slide the mouse before you have to pick it up. Additionally, a lack of comfort was noticeable, even though there was a comfort pad placed on the cooler. Finally, the cooler pins your wrist to one place and doesn't really allow you to move the mouse very much from side to side. These are all pretty major drawbacks to a product that is supposed to increase your mousing enjoyment. All in all, I would not recommend this product to anyone unless it is bought as a gag gift to that co-worker you notice is always sweating.