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Etasis 850 Watt PSU Review


Finally, the beast is revealed!



The first thing that comes to mind, is the lack of color. No, it isn’t bare metal, but a darker painted grey. As you can see, it includes a thermally controlled 80mm fan which takes in air from the case and expels outward. On one side is a large sticker with the power specifications, while the other has an engraved Etasis logo. The top and bottom are both blank and lastly, the PSU looks rather cramped inside. If you look into the back, the components inside are streamlined with next to no room, which explains the weight. And of course, you can see the power connector and main switch. There is also a multi-colored LED, which isn't exactly necessary.

What about the size of the Etasis compared to other power supply units?

The Etasis is on the far left, an Apevia Iceberg 680w next, followed by an Ultra X-Connect 500w and a generic 400w on the far right. The Etasis is quite long compared to the others, so make sure you have room for this sucker! Although, a PSU of this magnitude is normally about this large (The PCP&C 750w PSU is also 18cm long) It will still be pretty long for many cases.

PSU Measurements
Generic 400w 14cm
Ultra X-Connect 500w 15.6cm
Apevia Iceberg 680w Green 16.75cm
Etasis 850w 18cm
PCP&C 750w 18cm

The Etasis also has some very thick cables coming from the casing, so make sure you add another 4-5cm to the above measurement so that it won't run into various parts, particularly optical drives.

Cables are next!

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  3. Closer Look Continued
  4. Installation
  5. Specifications
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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