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E-Power EP-2KW 2000 Watt Review

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Closer Look:

There is absolutely no need to open up a power supply, especially if it has had power going through it recently since the capacitors will hold a charge and give you a pretty good shock if you happen to short them out accidentally. We open it up so you don’t have to. Getting inside the main power supply we are greeted with two 1000W power supplies that are run in parallel to achieve the 2000W rating. The power supply internals are industrial grade and built to last. The dual capacitors, coupled with the thick copper wound inductors on each board on the primary side, the transformer sitting between the large black heatsinks, and heavy gauge wire on the secondary side make for a winning combination.










The fans used in the power supply are Sanyo Denki: San Ace 120 fans with a 88CFM rating and 40 dB noise rating. The fans are on the loud side, but is it a low “whir” and not an annoying “whine”.



Getting into the breakout box is nothing too exciting. Just really a crossover for the main leads to the main power and accessory power leads.



The EP-2KW comes with an impressive amount of cables. First up are the main lines, the 20+4 pin motherboard connector, 8-Pin EPS12V connector, and 4-Pin ATX12V P4 connector. Four DIN cables with 4 SATA connectors each for a total of 16 SATA connectors. Two DIN cables with three 4 pin Molex and one floppy connector for a total of 6 4 pin Molex and 2 floppy connectors. Last but not least, five DIN cables consisting of three 6+2 Pin and two 6 Pin PCI Express cables complete with shielding and EMI filters to stabilize any interference.




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