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EPICGEAR Meduza Mouse and Pad Review

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The EG Meduza was put through a week of rigorous testing. During this time, it was closely examined regarding the following four traits: speed, comfort, precision, and customization.

A mouse is a key effort in any shooting game and just general working about your computer without using the keyboard for everything; however, as a mouse there really is no apparatus or methods for systematically testing it. Subjective commenting and critiquing on speed, comfort, precision, and customization will help you decide if you are ready for the EG Meduza.

The Meduza mouse was mainly tested with the HDST feature enabled. The laser and optical sensor were both used as well, but the main focus was on the two working together. The mouse pad was tested with the Meduza, as well as with a couple other mice for general purpose use. The results follow below.


Testing Setup:


Comparison Mice:


Speed is a major factor in using a mouse. If you can’t get from point A to point B in a reasonable time, you might be dead in your game, or just simply frustrated with whatever you are working on. To rate speed, I used a scale of 1 to 10 with a score of one being representative of it just won’t move and a score of 10 being this mouse got ticketed for speeding.



If you are going to raid all night in your favorite MMO, you will need a comfortable mouse, something your hand can control without really knowing you are using a mouse. A scale of 1 to 10 was used to rate the comfort level of the mouse. A value of 1 means you might just want to use the keyboard to do everything, and a value of 10 says that without the mouse something is missing… almost like when you are missing your car keys in your pocket.



Precision is a key element in making your every headshot. If the mouse is wandering or just not quite pointing where you feel it should be, then your skill almost doesn’t even matter. The mouse was rated from 1 to 10, with 1 meaning just give up, and a score of 10 meaning it was meant to be.



If your mouse doesn’t even have a scroll wheel, I cannot talk to you. However if you are one of those people sitting here with only a left click, a right click, and a scroll wheel… well then we need to talk. I’m not saying your mouse needs to be as full of buttons as the Razer Naga, but having some extra buttons can really improve not only the way you move about menus, but also the way you get around in a game. Using a ranking from 1 to 10, a score of 1 goes to those of you with only one button (go Apple!) and a score of 10 goes to the mouse that can do everything!



Overall, the Meduza isn't bad. It takes a bit of time to get used to the large thumb rest and having small hands didn't make it easy. I loved the ring and pinky finger supports and the scroll wheel had a nice feel without being super loud and clicky. Comfort wise, if you've got big (or I guess "normal") sized hands, then you'll probably love this mouse. I had a couple of my bigger-handed gaming friends test this out while visiting and they truly loved it. So for once, size matters – don't be taking this comment any further, gentlemen.

I always hate trying to come up with numbers to represent these different features. What I think isn't necessarily going to be what you think – it all comes down to preference. On top of that, most mice do move fast, and you can change settings in Windows to make them about as fast as you want. Yes some can go faster, but in a lot of situations "speed" isn't what you are looking for. The ability to move fast and still be smooth is key here. The Meduza, along with most gaming mice, was rather smooth, even at those ridiculous high settings. Precision also depends on the user. If you can't normally draw a straight line with your mouse, spending more on a mouse probably won't help you draw one any better. Precision ends up being how accurate the mouse translates your movement to where the cursor is on the screen. With the right settings (especially if you have software packaging), any mouse can allow you to be just as precise as the next.

Finally comes the always popular customization ranking. The mouse has more than left, right, and scroll! Woot! Forward and back exist with the ability to change their functions. A DPI settings button is on top and profile selector on the side. I feel these are the features that are becoming more and more "standard". Unless you've got eight buttons on the side, or it's a RAT, then I don't really think there is much to customizing a mouse besides some color and maybe a couple macros on occasion.

As for the mouse pad, it acted just about like any other mouse pad. When the Meduza was used on your standard cloth pad, there wasn't a noticeable difference in use. The "special" HDST pad might not be a gimmick to get your last few dollars, but it doesn't seem to improve performance by much of a margin. Other mice, laser and optical, worked on the HDST pad without any problems – but no real improvement for them either. It's a nice pad, but don't expect it to be increasing your gaming prowess by much.

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