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Tagan A+ El Diablo Advance Review

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Closer Look:

First off, I must say that this case is a definite looker. You can really see the time and effort APlus spent to bring its owners a functional yet attractive case at a low, competitive price. The multiple fans on this case stand out, especially the 330mm fan on the side. You really have to see this thing to understand just how large it really is. This fan is bigger than a standard desk version and it is inside the case, hopefully this will eliminate the need for me to aim my desk fan at the components when I overclock for benchmarks!









I like the drive bay cover as well, it feels sturdy and well built made out of a rugged ABS plastic. On the bay door there is the APlus logo and an HDD activity light. The fan on the front of the case is so large that it forces that section of the front of the case to open outward just to fit the fan in there, creating an effect similar to some of APlus's other cases. Another aspect of the case I particularly liked was the paint used on the metal pieces. It is a textured matte black and feels like it will hold up through multiple moves, essential for LAN party goers such as myself. The front fan's cover as well as the top and side panels consist mainly of a metal mesh allowing maximum airflow and cooling of the components, it also allows people to see the innards letting you show off your specs.




So far so good! I wonder what else Tagan has in store with this case...


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