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eDimensional Wireless E-D Glasses Review


A Closer Look / Installation

First thing is the VGA adapter, or dongle.

The male and female connectors on the dongle connect to the video card and monitor. The main part of the adapter has two additional ports on it. The port that looks like a headphone jack is used to connect the wired glasses to the adapter, whereas the other jack is where the wireless transmitter connects.

 The transmitter plugs into the dongle, and the instructions state that the IR transmitter needs to be placed under or above your monitor, directly facing you. With the 7 foot cable, this was easily accomplished. The transmitter has two IR LEDs on it which produces a wide signal spectrum... so if you turn your head to the right or left, the glasses and transmitter don't lose each other.

The glasses are made of a hard plastic, and have two LCD shutter screen eyepieces. While the glasses are adjustable to fit your head, I found the nose piece to be uncomfortable.

The power button for the glasses is located above the left eyepiece. Directly above the nose piece is the power chamber where the two 3V Lithium batteries are.

The instructions say to power down you computer and monitor, hook everything back up, then fire the system back up. I just disconnected the monitor from the PC and hooked everything up. No problem whatsoever.

Now it's time to installed the software. The 3-D glasses come with auto-running CD that includes the nVidia 30.82 drivers for Windows XP/2K/9x and the 30.83 drivers for NT4. The CD also includes the nVidia 30.82 stereo drivers. In addition to the drivers, the CD also includes 3DCombine, which allows you to make your own 3D images, eScreen 3D screen saver, and wicked 3d which would not install because I was running a "Windows NT operating system.

The nVidia stereo drivers allow you to turn on and off the stereo display, as well as adjust various options.



The eScreen 3-D screen saver looks cool by it's self, and turns 3D when viewed with the glasses.


In addition, you can also download load other 3D screen savers with themes ranging from The Matrix to Quake.

  1. Introduction, Features, Package Contents, & System Requirements
  2. A Closer Look / Installation
  3. Testing & Results, How it Works, & Conclusion
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