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ECS P35T-A Motherboard

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Installing the motherboard into the chassis is a straightforward process. Attention to detail will make the process flow smoothly to eliminate any gremlins from rearing their ugly heads. I will be installing this board into a full size ATX case.

The first thing to do after preparing the case is to install the standoffs that came with the case into the proper holes needed for the board. Some boards use nine hold down screws, some use more, so knowing what you will need is one of the keys to a successful installation. After the standoffs are secured, install the I/O shield and snap it into place.



Install the CPU into the socket by opening the retaining mechanism and placing the processor into the socket, making sure it is indexed properly. Close and lock the retaining mechanism, apply your choice of thermal paste (Arctic Silver 5 was used for this build), mount your heatsink and the board is ready for installation into the chassis.



Install the board into the chassis, secure it to the standoffs, connect all of your wiring, install your graphics card and system memory, and any other expansion cards and you are just a couple of steps away from testing out the new board.




After installing all of the items you will need into the chassis, all that is left is to button it up and enjoy!

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