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ECS A785GM-M Motherboard Review

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Closer Look:


Installing the drivers for the ECS A785GM-M motherboard could not be simpler. Just pop in the driver CD and the autostart will bring up the A785GM-M AutoSetup program automatically. Once there, you can select the drivers you would like to install onto the system. By default, everything is checked including the chipset drivers, the device drivers for the Ethernet, sound drivers and RAID drivers. The video drivers for the integrated video are included with the chipset drivers and will be installed with the ATI Catalyst Install Manager.















As the install continues, the program will run the ATI drivers' installer for the majority of the chipset hardware since this is an ATI/AMD based board. This setup will also install the drivers for the integrated graphics. The ATI Catalyst Install Manager begins with allowing you to either install or remove the chipset drivers from the system. Once you choose install, you can select to have it install with express parameters or as a custom install. If you choose custom, you can select where to install the drivers to and what drivers you wish to have installed. Dy default, you have to install the ATI Catalyst Install Manager with the main chipset drivers and the Visual C++ program. You can choose whether or not to install the USB Filter Driver, the Northbridge Filter Driver, and the IDE Driver based on your needs. Once the drivers are installed, reboot the computer to finalize everything.




Once the ATI/AMD drivers are completed, the computer will restart and automatically install the network drivers for the Realtek 8111DL Gigabit Ethernet port.



What is the eJiffy program, you ask? Well, if you are familiar with quick boot solutions such as the ASUS ExpressGate software then eJiffy will surely appeal to your sweet spot. eJiffy allows almost instantaneous booting into a stripped down version of a Linux operating system which will allow you to get online, view pictures, and chat without having to wait for a conventional operating system to load. This allows you to do some quick surfing in time sensitive situations easily and efficiently. Say you need to check your bank account before running out of the door. Well, boot into eJiffy and you do not have to spend the extra time waiting.




Now we have the drivers installed, let's reboot and take a look at the BIOS for the ECS A785GM-M motherboard.

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