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ECS A785GM-M Motherboard Review

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The ECS A785GM-M is a solid motherboard offering you all the perks of a great chipset at and affordable price. If you are looking for a rock stable motherboard without any overclocking then the ECS A785GM-M board offers a wealth of features for your next build. With built in power, reset, and clear CMOS buttons and a debug LED system builders will love using this board when designing their computers and testing them before they go into full use. There even is plenty of room and space to work with, designed into the smaller mATX form factor ECS A785GM-M motherboard, which is one feature we have seen short falls with on some of the other 785G chipset mATX style motherboards. With all solid capacitors, ECS has designed this motherboard to be stable and viable for long term use. When it came to overclocking, the results were bitter sweet. While I did get a bit more of an overclock on the ECS A785GM-M motherboard than I did on the Sapphire 785G board, the overclock was still very limited. I was not able to push either the multiplier, or the reference clock very far, no matter how much voltage I threw at the system. I know the Phenom II X4 965 has a lot more headroom to go, so the limiting factor is the motherboard which is hit or miss. This overclock, while stable, was not very impressive when it came to the scores. If you are wanting a solid board with a numerous amount of features to run at stock settings, this is one heck of a board especially if you are building an HPTC where you want cool temperatures at low voltages. If overclocking is your piece of pie, then you would want to look at a higher end board.



  • Instant boot with eJiffy utility
  • Debug LED and onboard switches
  • Integrated HD 4200 graphics
  • Hybrid Graphics capable
  • Inexpensive chipset
  • All solid capacitors



  • Low overclocking headroom
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