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ECS X58B-A Review

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Closer Look:

The BIOS used by ECS on the X58B-A is by AMI or American Megatrends and uses a 16MB SPI ROM. The original version of the BIOS had severe issues with a 64-bit Windows Vista. Low performance and taking upwards of six to eight minutes from POST to the OS logon screen. At the time of my testing the latest BIOS, 09/03/23 released on 4/14/09, fixed the performance issues with Vista Ultimate 64-bit. ECS has released another updated BIOS on 6/19/09 but was not used in this testing but the board will be flashed at a later date and this review updated. I will go through the sections of the BIOS briefly and concentrate more on the MIB section as this is where the enthusiast will spend the majority of his time.


Standard CMOS Setup:

There is not much under this tab. The date and time, list of the recognized optical and hard drives and whether IDE bus mastering is on.
















Advanced Setup:

This section is where you set the energy saving parameters of the CPU with EIST, CIE and the thermal management sections. CPU technologies can be turned on and off. The boot order and drive selection are also set here.



Advanced Chipset Setup:

The only thing in this section is the ability to turn the high performance event timer on and off.



Integrated Peripherals:

This section allows you to manage the functionality of the onboard devices such as turning the sound and LAN ports on or off.



Power Mangement:

Setting the power profile and suspend state can be accomplished under this section.



PCI/PnP Setup:

Once again, this section is pretty slim with only one option, the ability to choose which port is initialized first during POST when looking for a graphics adapter. Choices are PCI or PCI-E.



PC Health Status:

This section has to do with monitoring the critical temperatures of the components onboard that are measured including the processor. Setting the fan management profiles can be done in this section. I leave this disabled and run the fan at 100% but some like the quiet and the fan noise is my white noise.


The MIB section is where all of the performance enhancements are really done so I will take a deeper look into this section!


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