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ECS H67H2-M & H67H2-I Review

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Each of these boards from ECS is meant to fit in a specific segment. The Micro ATX Black Series H67H2-M brings a little flash and high-end looks to a board that will most likely be destined for use in an HTPC or regular system build where its pedigree might get overlooked. Since overclocking is going to be limited to the GPU, the only reason to go with a K sku processor is for the higher spec Intel graphics. Otherwise, stick to the non K sku to save a bit of money. In terms of performance, the H67 boards are going to offer a performance envelope that is almost identical from board to board when you have the same components installed. That was proved out by how close the performance was between the three boards in this comparison. When performance is the same across a platform then all that is left is the feature set and cost. In terms of price, the ECS Black Series H67H2-M comes in at the upper end of the pricing spectrum at $139. Not the highest price I have seen for an H67 board but at the upper end. For that $139 price point you get a full featured motherboard with many enthusiast level parts. There is the debug LED, on board power and reset buttons, ECS 15μ gold process in the CPU socket and DIMM slots, Quooltech III heat sink package and more. The H67H2-I Mini ITX board does not have the Black Series pedigree or looks but is the equal of the H67H2-M in terms of the performance offered but in a much smaller package. While small in stature, the H67H2-I is a fully loaded board. Standard are Etrontech controlled USB 3.0 ports, Intel SATA 6Gb/s ports and Bluetooth connectivity. There is a 16x PCIe slot on the board in case you really need to step up to a discrete GPU to get your gaming fix. Priced at around $90, the H67H2-I offers big performance in a small package. Any which way you look at it, this pair of H67 boards from ECS offer up excellent performance for the price point and would be a great fit for just about any mainstream build or home theater PC.



  • Feature set
  • Small form factor
  • GPU overclocking
  • USB 3.0
  • SATA 6Gb/s
  • I/O Port Covers
  • Functional applications



  • CPU overclocking (H67 Limitation)


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