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ECS GF7100PVT-M Review

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Closer Look:

On previous MicroATX motherboards that I've owned, the BIOS usually isn't stuffed with options and particularly lack overclocking abilities. Hopefully, it'll be different with this ECS MicroATX motherboard.

This motherboard uses the American Megatrends, Inc. BIOS. Let's take a closer look!





Standard CMOS Setup:

Under this first tab, you'll find the date, time, and listed hardware you have attached to the motherboard.



Advanced Setup:

This tab is where you'll want to go to change your boot order and some CPU settings, such as enabling or disabling C1E.



Advanced Chipset Setup:

You'll find the options to change your memory timings and other memory-related things here. I was disappointed to find no memory voltage control.



Integrated Peripherals:

Here the user can change their onboard SATA, RAID, and IDE controllers.



Power Management Setup:

Under this tab, you'll be able to set up how you want your computer to be suspended and resumed.



PNP/PCI Configuration:

You can configure the interrupt requests between the two PCI slots here.



PC Health Status:

This tab is where you can monitor your system's temperatures, select a shutdown temperature for your CPU, and more.



Frequency/Voltage Control:

This section clearly shows that this motherboard is not built to be overclocked very far. You cannot set the CPU voltage, only DIMM voltage. You can change the FSB up to 1333MHz, which for this Intel Q6600 2.4GHz processor will be about 3.0GHz.


Now let's pop in the driver CD and get this motherboard configured!

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