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ECS Factory Tour

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Testing and R&D:

Once we were done with the Motherboard Assembly floors, we moved on up to the Testing and R&D floor. It is here that ECS creates and tests new products

The first room we were brought to had several large machines lined up against the walls. They were clearly labeled as to what their functions were.

The next room had several workers manually testing small chunks of completed motherboards.

In a small adjunct to the second room is where the cutting is done. Small squares are cut from the motherboard, baked into plastic, and then sanded down to be viewed under a microscope (as you saw in the pictures above).

Next up was the Function Analysis Lab, where as you can see, actual product testing was being done.

The final room on the Testing and R&D floor was the Reliability Test Area. This is essentially physical testing of motherboards to see if they can withstand events such as falling and vibrating.

That concludes the ECS factory tour!

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  2. PCB Production
  3. Motherboard Assembly
  4. Testing and R&D
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