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ECS Factory Tour

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PCB Production:

While we first visited the Motherboard Assembly plant as it was closer to the hotel, I will begin with the PCB Production plant as that is where the motherboard truly begins life. 

When we first arrived at the PCB Production plant, we were brought to a room with lecture hall style seating and were given a presentation on PCB production and the facility itself. The first part of the presentation provided us with the following information:

  • The PCB Production facility was founded in 2005 as the manufacturing base of ECS
  • The facility employs 4,500 people
  • The facility produced 26 million motherboards in 2007, which accounts for 1 out of every 9 motherboards sold worldwide
  • The facility has a water treatment plant on site, along with a campus that features employee and manager dormitories, a man made lake, grocery store, library, an activity center, and a dining hall

The second part of the presentation provided us with information more related to the manufacturing process itself.

  • Several statistics were provided regarding production and equipment
  • The aforementioned water treatment system was further explained. ECS has invested almost $3 million in its waste treatment system, for which it has won several awards
  • The PCB production itself is as follows: Inner layer --> Lamination --> Drilling --> Copper Plating --> Outdoor Layer --> Solder Mask --> Final Inspection --> Product Storehouse

With the short presentation over, we were taken into the facility itself to start the tour. Note that the tour was not in the exact order in which a motherboard is created, which you will notice in comparison to the process described during the presentation.

First up on our tour was the Drilling Area.

This is the section where the middle two layers of a four layer PCB is made.

Next up on our tour was the Hot Press Room. As press, I can assure you, we were quite hot.

Moving along, we were brought to the Plating Line.

Following this was the Inner Layer Printing Material Room

Next up was the Exposure Room.

Which was followed by the Solder Mask Printing Area and Printing Ink Blend Room.

A Clean Room was up next.

The final production room was the Legend Printing Room.

The last leg of the tour focused less on production and more on inspection. The first part of this segment of the tour was the Negative Room.

This was followed by the Micro High Measurement Room and Tool & Instrument Room.

The last step in the PCB production facility was the Visual Inspection Room, with a Testing & Repair room nearby.

That concludes the PCB Production facility part of the ECS tour. Now that we have seen a PCB created from raw material, let's move on to the next facility where these boards are turned into the final products we know as motherboards.

  1. ECS Factory Tour
  2. PCB Production
  3. Motherboard Assembly
  4. Testing and R&D
  5. Conclusion
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