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ECS A785GM-AD3 Motherboard Review

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To test the performance of the ECS A785GM-AD3 motherboard, I will be pushing it to the max by putting it though the Overclockersclub benchmarking programs. Some of these benchmarks such as Apophysis and WinRAR actively test the processing power of the system by crunching raw data, while we use the latest games out to test the gaming performance. All of the benchmarks will be run with the system settings at the default value of the motherboard, except for the memory, which I will set to the suggested factory timings. Once these benchmarks have concluded, we should have a good understanding of the performance level of the ECS A785GM-AD3 motherboard and how well it holds up to other boards on the market.


DDR3 Testing Setup:


Comparison Boards:



When it came to overclocking, the ECS A785GM-AD3 would unfortunately have none of it when I had my AMD 955BE installed. The culprit here is most likely that I am using a 125w processor in a motherboard that only supports a max TDP of 95w. I am using runs at a stock speed of 3.2GHz and since it is a Black Edition, the easiest way to overclock the processor is by simply raising the multiplier and leaving all other options at their preset levels. This should ensure that there would be no lost stability in any other component while overclocking the processor. I first tried to raise the multiplier from x16 to x18, which would have set the CPU at 3.4GHz, but at that speed, I could not post. Next I tried 3.3GHz, but still I could not post. After trying all of the tricks in the book, I called it a day and decided these two components were just not going to play nice together. After some frustration, I decided to switch the processor out for an AMD Sempron 140 processor with a TDP of 65w. With the new processor in I was glad to see new results and I was able to get the Sempron 140 easily to 3.24GHz at stock voltage. I am not sure though what results you may run into with a AMD processor that is rated at 95w, such as the AMD 945 Quad-Core processor. If the AMD 955BE was too much for the board to overclock, then you might not have much overclocking headroom with other AMD processors rated around the 95w range.







  • Scientific & Data:
  1. Apophysis
  2. WinRAR
  3. Office 2007
  4. POV Ray 3.7
  5. PCMark Vantage Professional
  6. Sandra XII
  7. ScienceMark 2.02
  8. Cinebench 10
  9. HD Tune 2.55
  • Video:
  1. Far Cry 2
  2. Crysis Warhead
  3. Call of Duty: World at War
  4. Fallout 3 
  5. Left 4 Dead
  6. 3DMark 06 Professional
  7. 3DMark Vantage

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