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Asus EAH4850 MT Republic of Gamers HD 4850 Review

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The ASUS EAH4850 MT Matrix card is definitely one of a kind. The power is there when it is needed and you can conserve that energy when it is not. I have used a lot of HD 4850 series cards and while the stock performance is even with other cards of its kind, the overclocking performance was out of this world. The Palit HD 4850 compared in this review achieved an overclock of 675/1075. The ASUS EAH4850 MT using the ASUS software was able to be pushed to 730/1098 by tweaking the options available in the iTracker. Using the iTracker program is like child's play with the EAH4850 MT card. The hybrid cooler keeps your card at optimum temperatures while pushing it to its limits. During stock testing, the card idled at 41C and reached 68C load. While overclocked, the card never went over 73C degrees, which is low considering the speeds that the overclocked tests were running at.

The card is hard to find on the market, however NCIXUS.com has it for sale for $187.50, which is more than other HD 4850 cards with similar specifications, including the ASUS EAH4850 TOP that is already pre-overclocked. The stock performance was average for an HD 4850 so it would have been nice to see the EAH4850 Matrix card pre-overclocked as well since it is a special edition card. There are a lot of features available with the ASUS EAH4850 MT, starting from the unique cooling solution down to the way it handles power when not being used to its fullest. The use of the Super Hybrid Engine chip on board works similarly to the ASUS EPU on motherboards. Overall this is a great video card and with the overclocking potential makes it even better than ever. You get what you pay for and with this card you get a nice performing GPU at the stock speeds and when you are ready to rock and roll the additional power is there.



  • Highly overclockable
  • Hybrid dual-slot cooler
  • iTracker software makes overclocking easy
  • HDCP compliant



  • Price ($30 average more than other HD4850 cards)
  • Comparable stock performance with less pricey cards


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