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OCC E3 2013 Awards

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Biggest Disappointment



Winner: Xbox One's Price

The disappointment category was a very hard one for me, as you can ask Andrew that I waffled more on this one area than any other combined. E3 is a show where disappointments are to be expected, as games that could be aren't shown, and games that shouldn't be are. However, I finally settled on the price of the Xbox One, and honestly, it's something I can't see Microsoft changing. The new console is priced at $499, which makes it the most expensive console of the upcoming generation. Nintendo undercut everyone with the Wii U, but even Sony managed to bring the PlayStation 4's price down to $399. If you're a console gamer and on a budget, $499 is a lot of cash to consider for a single console, and you may look at the PS4 as a way to get into the new generation while saving some money. That saved money can go towards a new game, and even then it'll still be cheaper than getting just the Xbox One. From a price perspective, it's a disappointment for me, as I'm surely going to consider what $499 can get from one of Microsoft's console competitors.

Runner-Up: NONE



Winner: Missing Games

My biggest disappointment of E3 2013 were all the games NOT shown. No, I'm not talking about Half-Life 3 – although I'd love that – but rather all the other games we thought would actually be there, but weren't. The Last Guardian was once again absent, even with the PlayStation 4 unveil being the perfect time to bring it back from the abyss. Phantasy Star Online 2, a free-to-play MMO for PC and Vita that's been out in Japan and supposed to be coming to North America, was a no-show. Capcom's stupidly named Deep Down, announced during the PS4 reveal back in February, was oddly missing. Last month, a Sony exec teased an "amazing big title coming to the Vita" that's not an indie game, yet nothing was announced at E3. And then maybe the lowest blow of all – Ubisoft hinted at a Beyond Good & Evil 2 announcement on its Facebook page and then failed to deliver. Not cool, guys; not cool at all.

Runner-Up: NONE

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