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E3 2004 Coverage Article


Day 3
So we're back at E3 for the final day. At this point we've seen a LOT, but there's still a lot to go.

We started off the day by getting some passes for the Doom 3 demonstration, then headed over to the ATi booth for the second half of the Half-Life 2 demonstration. Thankfully Patricia, the PR Rep for ATi got us to the front of the line to check it out. Once again we have the video for you, and once again it's amazing. ATi was running their new x800 card in a Dell Dimension XPS machine, but I guess I can forgive them for that, at least their machines outside were customed. This time around we got a look at some of the same, but some more of the gameplay, specifically the physics engine, where we got to see some flying bodies, and a better look at some of the ragdoll physics. There was some great moments where some of the zombies from the 'horror' portion of their presentation were massacred by some borrowed saw blades from the HL2 environment.


After that...well, we visited Mortal Kombat: Deception again...that's how good it is. After playing it for a while, we headed back to Kentia Hall to visit Razer once again - and get a shot of their retail box for the Viper mouse. Check it out OCC - we're going to be shown in Best Buys across the nation.

We dropped by the VIA booth, where they showed us their PC handheld - the Eve gaming console. Using their incredibly small new generation of motherboards (based on the VIA chipset of course) this tiny handheld would be able to run something like Half-Life quite well. I'm not too sure how well that would work, but there you have it. The Via rep gave us a look into the future of their chipsets, and its looking promising - finally having some real competition against the new nForce chipset, driving that to new heights hopefully.

We swung by Abit's booth to check out the top gamer in the world (in a couple of games) Fatal1ty playing UT2k4 and basically pwning everyone. We took a look at a couple of their new boards as well, and they've got some impressive looking new stuff hitting the market soon.

Back to South Hall we swung by a game made by some familiar faces - I mentioned I played UO before, looks like the mastermind behind it is going to suck me in again. Richard Garriot and his team at Destination Games are producing Tabula Rasa (latin for Blank Slate). This MMORPG being published by NCSoft not only looks incredible, but we got to walk through a working quest with Kgs, one of the GMs, as well as another GM in their offices (I believe in Austin, Texas). The demo looked fantastic, and it was incredibly fun to play. With a unique system for combat, the game has a basis in three character aspects - Mind, Body and Spirit - that augment your success in using various attacks and weaponry (both physical and mind-based). Very well-designed, and fun to play even for those completely unversed in MMORPGs (as LP found out) the game looks to be quite promising, and I'm going to be keeping my eye on this one in the future. With music made by one of the members of Nine Inch Nails, this is shaping up to be one interesting game - I truly cannot wait to see what content and the gameplay is going to be like. you can learn more about Tabula Rasa at PlayerTR.com

Last but certainly not least we got to go to Doom 3. And I got to play it! Huzzah. Everything was based on the Xbox (stupid Xbox) but of course it will be coming out on the PC. Even with the XBox controller, it was a pretty quick learning curve, and the physics are pretty fun, grenades make people fly everywhere, but they did that before anyways. As per always its dark, menacing music and things jump at you. Okay, I'll admit to being kind of jumpy walking through the completely pitch black areas - I mean, you can hear stuff moaning and shuffling around but you can't see them till they're almost on top of you!

Today's Thoughts
  • HL2 is going to be phenomenal...
  • ...I'm going to need a better graphics card
  • Lord British is gonna get me hooked again
  • Doom 3 is gonna be more great id shoot em up action...and maybe this time I'll be able to beat it without God mode.

    That folks, is the OCC E3 report...my version of it at least. Its incredible, and though I can hardly relate to you every single one of the games I managed to play or see demos for, I think I managed to cover some of the newer ones, the important ones, and the ones I think will shine in the coming year.

    In another year from now, E3 returns to Los Angeles - and with a little bit of luck OCC will be back in LA to cover the 2005 Expo. Till then, well, I'll be waiting for Tabula Rasa, HL2 and a couple others, and keeping my ear to the gaming pulse. Not just games, we saw some promising hardware - keep your eyes locked to OCC for some coverage of the up and coming, as we bring the best of the best to you for all your computer needs. Thanks for reading everyone - there's no way we could fit all the pictures into just one article (as long as it may be) so be sure to check out the rest of the pictures in the following pages. Any questions? Maybe we can answer them (goodness knows I saw more then I talked about) so just head on over to our forums and post away. This is Matt Mantle from Los Angeles, signing out.

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