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E3 2004 Coverage Article


Day 1

Moving on, we saw the Phantom. More precisely, we took a look at the Phantom gaming console (whoops, they don't want it to be called a console anymore...meh, whatever) from Infinium. Considered by many to be vaporware, the console was actually setup and running. Though it was looking pretty slick, with only one USB port in front, it completely loses the fun of having friends over for a Halo tournament and being able to smack someone when they screw up. Though gamers may be reclusive, being forcibly reclusive isn't my style, thanks.

After that, we swung by the nVidia and ATi booths to check out what they had to offer. ATi's booth was actually dedicated to Half-Life as well (we'll hopefully check it out in more detail, but today the line was horrible). nVidia was demoing their new graphics 6 engine (the 6800 GPU) and man was it looking slick. hopefully sooner, rather then later, we'll be taking a much closer look at these hot new pieces of work. For now, we'll show you a couple of their new images - their mermaid personality they've been using to promote it, and a couple shots of the pirate ship - a water rendering demonstration that showed the way the detail in something like an ocean would work. The pictures don't so it too much justice, so you'll have to take our word that it was fairly impressive.


Continuing on (told you it was massive, and we're only on day one) we mingled around and came across the World of Warcraft. Showing an impressive preview on a massive screen, the audience was captivated by some intense graphics. I was able to get my hands on the game (huzzah!) and the gameplay was quite good. With the ability to completely customize your character, and the gorgeous graphics, though I was limited in my playtime from what I saw the WoW should be a solid hit with the MMORPG market. In my opinion that's even despite the doubts of some gamers of the possible success of a popular RTS to make the change to an MMORPG environment.

Though we managed to see a lot more in Day One, we didn't check out anything much more in detail. Of notable mention is the new all-female fighting game called Rumble Roses, in which I spent a good 10 minutes in a mud wrestling match. I plan on going back for more. Hey, it was actually well made, and fun to play, and that's good enough for me (the bikinis helped...).

This is Matt Mantle, in Los Angeles, signing out from Day One at E3.

Today's Thoughts
  • Boy it sure is warm down here
  • There are more female gamers then you might think
  • Small companies make some interesting products
  • I wish there were more hardware vendors here
  • Booth babes, though quite pretty, are quite snobbish and not universally good looking when you get close. Ladies, too much makeup is too much makeup, there's no bones about it.
  • Gary Coleman is the baddest mamajama alive

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