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Aerocool Deep Impact 102 Heatsink Review



Aerocool dp-102 with 2 Aerocool 80mm fans.
CPU Speed Idle Load
2500+ 29.1 38.2
3200+ 33.4 43.1

As I mentioned earlier I had some clearance issues with both 80mm fans but I decided to jury rig both of the Aerocool aluminum fans. Even with both fans installed, the heat sink is very quite. The temps are great for the level of noise the heat sink with two fans is putting out

I was having some problems with the extra fan rigged on the dp-102, I actually had the fan resting on top of a row of capacitors and anytime I moved the fan I would lose the connection of my mouse and keyboard. I decided that I wanted to see how far I could push my Cpu so I installed the sf2 on one side and the stock amd heat sink fan that came with my 2500+ on the other side since it cleared the capacitors. Well I fired up the system running 2420mhz 11x220 @1.8 volts and prime 95 passed. Then I took it up to 11x227 for 2497mhz @1.9 volts but had stability issues so I back it down to 11x225 for 2475mhz but still ran into stability problems, checking my temps thou high they had not reached 60c yet so I figured I could go up some more on the vcore to 1.95 volts. The extra voltage made the system stable and prime95 had no errors after 24 hours, thou temps reached 61c load a little high for my taste.


Aerocool sure has done their homework with this heat sink. When I started on this review I never thought the dp-102 would perform as well as it did, but boy was I wrong. There are not many other heat sinks on the market today that can hang with the big boys like thermalright, but Aerocool has made a believer out of me with their dp-102. There are some trade offs, the size and weight of the dp-102 might be a turn off to some. If you are looking for some of the best temps possible on air then I�m sure the size and weight of the dp-102 can be overlooked. I�m looking forward to what Aerocool is going to do with its next high performance heat sink.


  • Excellent Cooling
  • Installation
  • Multi Fan Design
  • Looks


  • Base
  • Size
  • Weight

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  2. In-Depth Look Contenued
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