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Aerocool Deep Impact 102 Heatsink Review


In-Depth Look

This has to be the most interesting heat sink design I have ever seen. In the center of the heat sink is the superconductor tube; inside the tube is a liquid which reacts with heat from the Cpu and rises. Encased around the tube are circular copper fins which help to cool the liquid, as the liquid is cooled it is lowered back to bottom of the tube to be heated again this is a never ending process and helps to keep the Cpu cool. Attached to the copper fins is fan housing, the thing I like about this is you have the ability to attach a variety of fan sizes from 60mm to 80mm. Some motherboards might not have enough clearance around the socket area to use two 80mm fans due to capacitor size, in some cases a 60mm or 70mm fan will clear the capacitors.

The base of heat sink was not very polished and felt rough; some more time lapping would have greatly increased the shine and feel of the base. In addition, there seems to be some residue from the black foam used in the bottom of the packaging as you can see in the lower left side of the copper. Well see if this has any effect on its cooling ability.

Some assembly is required out of the box to get the heat sink ready for installation. The fans have to be installed before you can install the heat sink; you have the option to use one or two fans. Aerocool recommends you use blow-blow direction will perform better than blow-suck.

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