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Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard

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This keyboard really blew me away. It weighs practically nothing and takes up hardly any desk space. Being wireless definitely cleans the desk up quite a bit as well. This keyboard was easy to install and took almost no time to configure to my needs. The Media Center buttons really gave this keyboard the upper hand on my other keyboards because of the way they are presented. The volume slider has LEDs that follow your finger when you scroll up or down to change the volume. The TouchDisc pad lights up when you use it and all of the Function (F) hot keys light up when you hold the "Fn" key down and use them. All of the image editing buttons also light up their respective symbol when you press them. This keyboard's color scheme looks very professional and clean. Speaking of clean, I was so surprised when I saw that Logitech included a shammy to clean the keyboard of any fingerprints it may have. The only negative thing that I have for this keyboard is that it has no number pad, which can be bad for some users, but I think for the majority it isn't an issue. I was simply amazed when I saw that this keyboard can last for 60 days when fully charged; that just blows my mind. I agree with Logitech's claim that the diNovo Edge is "The World's Most Advanced Keyboard" because it truly is a remarkable keyboard that won't be replaced anytime soon. Do not pass up this keyboard if you're in the market for a slim, wireless, feature-rich keyboard.



  • Wireless
  • Rechargeable
  • Full Charge Lasts for 60 Days
  • TouchDisc Integrated Mouse
  • Media Center Keys




  • No Number Pad
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