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Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard

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The diNovo Edge is plug-and-play, so you don't necessarily need to install software unless you want to be able to customize some of the features of the keyboard. Insert the Bluetooth connector into a free USB port and turn on the keyboard. If you see the Bluetooth symbol on the keyboard light up red, it means you need to press the "Connect" button on both the Bluetooth connector and on the back of the keyboard. When everything is connected correctly, you'll notice the Bluetooth symbol light up green when you turn it on.




I know that I want to take advantage of everything this keyboard has to offer so let's install the software! Pop in the included software CD to install SetPoint version 3.1. Follow the on screen instructions to install the software correctly. During the installation, SetPoint wanted me to insert my Microsoft Windows Professional CD so that it could get the "mouhid.sys" (used for input devices) file off of the disc. Your Windows might already have it installed so you may not be prompted to insert your operating system CD, but have it handy just in case.



Be sure to check Logitech's website (or use their Desktop Messenger service) to get the latest SetPoint version.

Here is a shot of the keyboard in the dark when it is first turned on. You'll be able to see the keys lit up in the software below.



You'll be able to configure not only the keyboard, but the integrated mouse as well. Let's start by configuring the keyboard itself. The first buttons you'll be able to configure are the stand-by button and the Windows Media Center button. Instead of Stand-by, you can set it to shutdown, restart, log off, or do nothing. For the Media Center button, you can change it to launch any program you want, open any file, folder, web page, or you can customize it to a certain keystroke or show a custom menu. For me, I set the Media Center button to open the latest Windows Media Player that I have installed on my computer.


The next set of keys that we'll be customizing are the Function (F) keys. You cannot change the symbols that appear, but you can change their functions. To use these hot keys, you have to make sure you hold the "Fn" key while you push them. This deactivates the F-mode so that you're not actually pressing "F1", etc. The first is "VoIP" which I set to open Windows Live Messenger. The next hot key is called "One-Touch Search" and I set this to open up Google, which is my favorite search engine.


Email is the next hot key, which you can set to open Outlook Express, MSN, or Hotmail. I customized my key to open up the webpage for Gmail so that I could easily check my email instead of having to open the browser and manually type the address in. After the email hot key, you'll find the "Homepage" hot key. I set my key to open up Mozilla Firefox.


The next four keys that you can customize are "a,b,c,d," which you can set to do anything you want. I set these keys to open up some of my favorite games and programs.


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