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Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard

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Closer Look:

Now that we know what's included, let's take a look at the actual keyboard starting from the left and moving to the right. The keyboard incorporates black, silver, and orange for its professional looks. On the very top-left, you'll notice a stand-by button with zoom-in and zoom-out buttons below it. The button with a magnifying glass and a percent symbol in the middle is for zooming in 100%. The cursor button acts like the left button on a mouse.





The start button key displays the Windows logo on a glossy black background. Notice the shiny Logitech logo in the middle of the arm rest on the keyboard.


The keys on this keyboard remind me of those on a laptop. Some of the keys are smaller than a normal keyboard, but if you type well on a laptop, you'll have no problem with the diNovo Edge's key size. Notice how the Function (F) keys are about half the size of the normal Function keys on a keyboard. Smaller is better, in my opinion, for those keys.

Here is where it gets interesting on this keyboard. On the right hand size you'll notice the Windows flag on a button. This button opens up Windows Media Player by default, but you can set it to do other tasks, which we'll talk about later. The power switch is on the right side of the keyboard and when it's on, you'll see the little clear box light up orange. The volume control really caught my attention and is an awesome way to change the volume on your computer. The LEDs move with your finger on the slider making it look like you are actually turning down the volume. You'll also find a volume mute button below the slider. You might be wondering what that circular pad is on the keyboard. That's the new  "TouchDisc" technology that Logitech has implanted into the keyboard. It's a mouse pad much like the mouse pads integrated into most laptops today. When your finger moves on the pad, an orange circular light is lit up around the pad. You can also scroll on this pad by moving your finger across either the vertical or horizontal white lines to scroll in the respective direction. The two buttons below the TouchDisc pad are for left and right clicking.



The bottom of the keyboard is orange and before I knew that the keyboard used orange lighting, I was wondering why Logitech would paint the back of the keyboard orange. But since I know why, it looks very nice and it's not too bright of an orange color.

If needed, you can prop up the back of the keyboard by opening the feet on the bottom. When the feet are extended, the keyboard stands about one inch taller in the back. For size comparison, I stood a penny up to the side of the keyboard while it was laying flat. Isn't that insane? The keyboard is smaller than a penny in height.


Join us as we pop the driver CD in and get the software installed for this new keyboard!

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
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  4. Configuration (Continued)
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