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Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB Review

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Hardware Installation:


Installation of the Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB is very simple. The TV Wonder tuner is placed into an open USB slot and, once in, you choose the function you want to use with it. To watch over-the-air HDTV and DTV, you insert the included HDTV antenna into the top port of the tuner and find a good spot for the antenna. If you need to place the antenna further from your PC than the cable will allow, you can use the USB extension cable, which will add about another foot of cable. To watch analog cable on your PC, you will need to use the coax RF adapter and insert your cable connection into the adapter. Another function the TV Wonder 750 allows is being able to connect to a device such as a game system or DVD player that uses RCA outputs. To connect the tuner to these devices, you will need to use the RCA/S Video dongle.














Software Installation:


The included installation disk, like most, autoruns when inserted into a DVD drive. The main menu screen for the device looks a lot like the packaging it comes in and has a few options. These options are Install Driver, Install Software, Utility, and Exit.


The Install Drivers tab will start the installation process that will install what is need for the TV Wonder to properly function. When the installation starts, you will be prompted a few times to continue and after the selections are made the tuner will be set up and ready to go.




Next you will need to insatll TotalMedia, which is found under the Install Software tab. To install this program, you will need to use the key found on the CD sleeve of the drivers disk, and once you input the key an auto-install will start, which takes a few minutes to complete.



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