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Diamond Radeon HD 5750 Review

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Closer Look:

The Diamond Radeon HD 5750 is built upon the 40nm Juniper core and comes with 720 stream processors, 36 texture units and 16 ROPS. The Juniper core has a transistor count of 1.04 Billion transistors that equates to 1.008 Tflops worth of compute performance. The card comes with a red PCB unlike the reference card and is equipped with an aftermarket heatsink from Artic Cooling that covers most of the front of the PCB. The rear of the card has 4 of the Hynix memory modules attached. The cooler is rectangular instead of the round style seen on most of the reference cards.














For connectivity you get a total of four ports to choose from. There are 2 Dual Link DVI ports, A single native HDMI port that supports up to HDMI 1.3 and a single DisplayPort. This combination of ports allows you to connect to 3 monitors to run an Eyefinity multi monitor configuration. The rear of the card houses the 6 pin PCIe connector and not much else. The power circuit resides under the heatsink fins. The fan for the heatsink is plugged into a header on the top edge of the card. This card is Crossfire X capable and can be paired with 2 or 3 more cards if your motherboard will support it.



The heatsink used on the Diamond HD 5750 is supplied by Arctic Cooling. It differs significantly from the heatsink used on the reference and Sapphire versions I have looked at. Instead of a round heatsink the one used on this card is rectangular and is slightly larger with the fins running parallel to the PCB. The main body of the heatsink is aluminum . The contact surface is full of machining marks that can be felt when you run a fingernail over it but seems to do the job since this card really does not really heat up that much. The fan used is an eleven blade design that is pretty close to silent when running.



Finally the heart of the HD 5750. The GPU core is equipped with 1.04 billion transistors, 720 shader cores, 36 Texture units and 16 ROPs. The memory for this card is supplied by Hynix and is rated to run at 5Gbps or 1250Mhz running through a 128 bit bus. The core clock speed on the Diamond HD 5750 is 700MHz on the 40nm Juniper core and 1150Mhz on the Hynix GDDR5 memory or reference specification.



Lets get this thing installed and see what its got under the Arctic Cooling heatsink.


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