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Diamond Radeon HD 5750 Review

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The big knock on the 5 series cards at launch was that there were no DX11 games out to show off the cards DX11 capabilities. Well now there is. The recent release of Dirt 2 had me itching to play and see what the cards could do as well as look at the visuals first hand. Its the little things that you notice that really make the visuals better. It would have been nice to see the game included as part of the bundle with the packaging artwork showing off a rally car as the predominant feature. Diamond has the game available on select 5 series cards, just not this one. Overclocking the Diamond HD 5750 yielded gains in performance across the board with increases of 100Mhz on the GPU core and 145Mhz on the GDDR5 memory. This equates to between a 12.5% and 13% increase on both clock speeds. Pretty decent numbers but less than the last two HD 5750 cards I looked at. Temperatures were not a problem with the Diamond card and did not hinder the overclocking in any way with temperatures in the high 60's Celsius. The Arctic Cooling heatsink did the job it was designed to do by keeping the silicon reasonably cool without a massive noise penalty that ATI cards seem to dish out with a reference cooler. This card just like all of the 5 series ATI cards is capable of using ATI's Eyefinity multi monitor technology to allow you to a greater level of immersion in the games you play. The obvious game choices to take advantage of this would be flight Sims and driving games where the frames of the monitors are not as distracting. The price point for the Diamond HD 5750 comes in at a cool 152 bucks. This puts it below the price point of the HD 4870, HD 4890 and GTX 260. But it also falls into the performance ladder right in the same spot. The Diamond HD 5750 delivers great midrange performance for your video card dollar. Sure the 5750 by comparison to the high end cards is not a barn burner but it is more than capable of running today's games at an acceptable frame rate with semi aggressive settings at resolutions most people enjoy playing their gaming at. The Diamond is a good performing, cool running video card that is up to the task of playing the latest games.



  • Arctic Cooling Heatsink
  • Low power consumption
  • DX11
  • Overclocking
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Eyefinity Capable



  • Bundle
  • Low overhead


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