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Diamond HD4870 1GB Review

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Closer Look:

The Diamond HD4870 1GB version comes packed in an anti-static bag, which will help prevent any damages from occurring to the electronic components on the card, by blocking out any static electricity from the card. Once you get the card pulled out of the bag, you are going to see that there is a large cooling device that covers the entire card with a large fan near the rear of the card. The cooler Diamond used on their HD4870 has the same lady from the front of the packaging on it, along with the Diamond logo, the Radeon HD4870 and the 1 Gigabyte tags on it as well. When you flip the card over and take a look at the back side of the HD4870, you are going to see that there are nine screws that hold the cooler down on the card and four more around the backing plate to keep the base of the cooler nice and tight against the GPU.


















The cooling device that is installed on this card is very large and interesting, as it not only covers the GPU, but it also covers all of the memory modules that are installed on the card, which will help keep them cool along with the other components such as the voltage regulators and capacitors cool on the card. This is all important when you are pushing you card to the maximum that it can go, while keeping the the temperatures down to prevent any damages from excessive heat loads. The base of the cooler is a large piece of copper that is large enough to cover the GPU along with the surrounding socket. There is some TIM that is on the cooler around the base that covers the memory modules and some more towards the end of the cooler that is going to cover the voltage regulators. There is a slit under the fan that allows the card to receive fresh air from inside the case. With the cooler removed, you can see the area that it covers and exactly what is underneath it and how the cooler was designed specifically for this card.



The layout of the card is very similar to other cards that are out on the market; the GPU, which is mounted more towards the center of the card, is surrounded by in this case, eight different memory modules. The GPU core that is used with this card was created by ATI and is the RV770. The GPU's IHS has been polished to allow for a more flat surface, allowing heat trasfer to be more efficient. On the other hand, there is the memory modules that are located atop and to the right of the GPU, there are four on either side. These modules are made by Hynix and their model number is H5GQ1H24MJR.




There are quite a few different connection points of the Diamond HD4870 1GB version, these are very similar to the other HD4870 cards that are out on the market. The Diamond card takes advantage of two slots on yoru back pannel, allowing for a thicker stock cooler to be installed and be supported. There are two DVI out ports on the bracket that allow you to install a digital monitor, between these two connectors there is a single S-Video out connection. Using the accessories that are bundled with the card allows you to use these connections with other devices, such as a digital TV or an analog monitor. The back of the card is where you are going to be able to power the card with the dual PCI-E power connectors of the 6pin variety. The bottom of the card is the PCI-E connector to add some power and transfer data to and from the motherboard. The top of the card is where the crossfire bridge connectors are located, using these connections, you are able to connect two or more HD4870 cards for increased performance.





After taking a close look at the Diamond HD4870, I am ready to take a look at what the specifications of the card are.

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