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DFI Lanparty UT NF680i LT SLI-T2R Motherboard



Does DFI live up to it's reputation? It sure does. In our suite of benchmarks, the 680i LT Lanparty out-performs the competition at stock clock speeds and really comes alive when you start cranking up the clock speeds. I have yet to be disappointed with the performance I can pull from my existing hardware, when all I change is the motherboard. With the DFI Lanparty 680i LT, I was able to run the clock speed higher than on the last 3 motherboards I have used. My processor is limited to 3.6GHz and I was finally able to get a board to run 400x9 stable instead of the usual 360x10. In doing so, the level of performance was increased for me - something that I really like. With the ability to clock the memory separately from the CPU, the sky is the limit if you have memory capable of running 600Mhz or more. My final stable speeds on the board were 400MHz on the CPU and 600MHz on the memory - a pretty lofty achievement in my world.

This motherboard features independent heatsinks on all of the vital areas, which can be removed and swapped out for something better, rather than an all-in-one heat-pipe solution seen on so many of the 680i boards out today. The factory cooling solutions work great, but if you want to water cool just one of the chipsets, you don't want to risk your warranty by destroying a heat-piped cooling solution. One thing I did not like, was that I was no longer able to use my PCI sound card any more. I use dual video cards and unfortunately it just won't fit. This is not a problem that is unique to DFI though. Of the past 5 motherboards I have used, dual GPUs on only one allowed the use of the PCI slots. The good news is that the included sound solution is pretty darn good, quite possibly better than what I had. Being an overclocker, in that I prefer realistic overclocks compared to a hardcore benchmarking guru, I would like to show what this product is capable of with real world voltages, instead of maxing out every voltage to gain that last MHz from your processor or memory. I prefer having a system that is capable of running day-in and day-out at a realistic long-term level of performance. This board does that and more. If performance is the name of the game, then DFI has you covered with its latest socket 775 offering - the Lanparty UT NF680i LT SLI-T2R.


  • DFI Performance
  • Tweakability
  • Separate heatsinks for chipset cooling
  • Large cooling solutions come stock


  • PCI slots unusable with dual GPU
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