Project Danger Den Water Box Plus Case Review (Part 2)

ccokeman - 2007-07-25 23:17:28 in Cooling
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Reviewed on: August 28, 2007
Danger Den
Danger Den
Price: $89.45 USD

Closer Look:

The heart of any water cooling system is the water pump. Without it, this wonderful cooling method just does not work. The pump we have chosen to use for this build is Danger Den's DD12V-D5. With a maximum head of 13.8 feet and maximum flow of 5.2 gallons per minute, this pump should easily meet all of our needs. The 12V DC pump is powered from the power supply, so no additional power cables or plugs need to be fit to the case as you would have to do with a 115v AC powered pump. This pump is sold by several different companies but is produced by Laing Thermotech.


The pump comes in a plain white box with the Laing labeling and the basic specifications.


Once inside the box, the pump is well supported, preventing damage during shipping. The pump comes with a manual and industrial strength velcro to hold the pump in place.



The manual covers not just this version of the D5 pump, but all of its variants. Inside are basic tips on installation and troubleshooting.


After trying to decide what size tubing to use, we settled on 1/2" tubing to gain some additional water flow and cooling performance.


Closer Look:

This water pump comes with a power cord that measures just over three feet. With that kind of cord length, mounting this pump in a large case presents no problems; there is enough length to reach across pretty much any case on the market. Mounting the pump can be accomplished two ways; using the supplied velcro or mounting it to the case with screws and rubber washers to isolate the vibration from the pump.




The DD5 is offered in two different styles; one where flow rate is not adjustable and the one we have chosen where the flow is adjustable. The settings on the pump are 1 through 5, with 5 being the preferred setting.





Motor design

Electronically commutated
spherical motor with permanent

magnet rotor/impeller


8 - 25 Volt

Power consumption
see pump curves
Current draw
D5basic and vario: 0.25 – 1.46 A

D5strong: 0.13 - 2.1 A

Acceptable media
domestic hot water,
water/glycol mixtures,

other media on request*.

Insulation class

IP 42 / Class F

Max. system pressure
150 PSI - 1.0 MPa (10 bar) for

pumps with brass housings

50 PSI - 0.35 MPa (3.5 bar)

for pumps with plastic housing

Max. system temperature

-10° F to +203° F (-10 to + 95°C) for pumps with brass housing

+32° F to +140°f (+/- 0 to + 60°C) for pumps with plastic housing


1.54 LBS. (0.7 kg) for pumps with brass housing

.77 LBS. (0.35 kg) for pumps with plastic housing


So far we have seen two pieces of the project, both of which have been chosen for the performance they will deliver with the system we have chosen. We will continue to bring you articles on each part of the system, culminating with the final build and performance testing of our project. Stay tuned! Next up the radiator and tubing!(Project Danger Den Part 3)

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