DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield Review

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Reviewed on: August 13, 2013
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DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield Introduction:

When humans first discovered fire, I’m pretty sure that there were quite a few casualties due to the novelty of the thing. “Hey look what I brought back from that burning tree!” And next thing you know it, the whole cave is on fire. Well humanity did not change that much since then. It’s actually worse if you ask me! In this day and age, science and technology are way beyond the understanding of the common citizen of the world. That same man or woman usually gets their coffee from a vending machine, heat their lunch with microwaves, and uses at least one portable device on a daily basis. Most people have no clue how the technology they interact with works, and the sad part is they don’t have the time or the interest to know due to a busy life style.

This is widely the case in our North American society and still true for most developed countries. Technology is advancing at a titan’s pace, especially in the portable computer sector, and there is no way to quantify the harm that could befall human’s health due to extended exposure to such electronic devices. One of the major concerns regarding laptops is that users have them on their laps for extended periods of time. This seems to be the cause of fertility problems for men and women, an increase in reproductive system cancer cases for both sexes, DNA fragmentation, and Toasted Skin Syndrome.















There are solutions out there to mitigate the potential health damage that we are exposed to from all the high tech devices we use. Today, I will present to you the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield. As the name clearly states, this product claims to effectively help protect you from the harmful emissions radiating from laptops and other portable devices that most of us always have in our laps or dangerously close to our person when in use. Focusing mainly on shielding users from heat radiations, Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) as well as Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emissions, this pad seems to be the perfect solution to protect from laptop heat and radiation.

I am a perfect example of what you would call a technology junkie, just like most of you that are reading this review right now. I use my smartphone all the time, I’m sitting in a room with at least six running PCs eight hours a day at work, then I add at least three hours a day on my own system at home. Add the gaming consoles, TV, modem, router, monitor, and speakers, and one starts to realize that we are surrounded by sources of all kinds of waves, radiations, electromagnetic fields, and God only knows what else that science and modern medicine did not figure out yet. Even if all these devices are perfectly conformed to safe operation levels in terms of radiations and emissions, what about the cumulative effect of such exposure? Adopting good practices and every layer of protection possible - even the thin ¼ inch DefenderPad - is a no brainer course of action.

Is the DefenderPad the real deal or is it just another gadget without any real efficiency? Unfortunately we don’t have the necessary hardware or the appropriate training to conduct such advanced testing in house. On the bright side, the science behind the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield has been independently tested by US Tech, a well-recognized laboratory in EMC, product safety, telecom, military, avionics, and Environmental regulatory compliance testing. The results were impressive with over 99% efficiency!

DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield Closer Look:

The DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield comes in very simple packaging. It does cover most of the pad but leaves two cut-outs on the top-right and bottom-left corners. The front shows the name of the product with a picture of the pad being used with a laptop. Here the packaging states that "DefenderPad virtually eliminates all Electromagnetic Radiation and greatly reduces heat emitted by laptops, tablets and other modern devices". Under the statement are listed some of the features of the product, including the fact that it's FCC Certified Lab-tested. All this on a dark background where is centered a silhouette of the logo that looks like a Roman Centurion armed with Gladius and shield.

The back shares the same background artwork but lists more details about the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield. Here it shows that the pad will efficiently block Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), Radio Frequency (RF), as well as heat radiation. On the left side there are a series of pictures illustrating the features of the unit. A QR code for easy access to the website is printed towards the bottom, where it's also proudly displayed that the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield is made in U.S.A.



The DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, and even pink. The review sample I got is black and looks pretty plain at first glance. Measuring roughly 399 x 64 x 280 mm (15.70 x 0.25 x 11 inch), the unit can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches in size. It weighs 0.9 kg (2lbs 3oz), so its presence will be definitely felt in your laptop bag, if it can fit in that is.

Taking a closer look at the unit I noticed that one side is soft with a slight rubbery feel to it, while the opposite has a grainy-textured hard surface. On the bottom left corner of the soft side, an engraving of the Centurion armed with Gladius and shield reminds that protecting you is the DefenderPad’s business. Around the edges, the plastic is smooth but it has an industrial feel to it. The two sides are not seamlessly connected; applying some force will let you pry them apart. It seems that some type of heavy duty adhesive was used to connect the two sides of the unit. I tried to forcefully peel off one side of the pad and it held its ground even when I started to get serious. Solidity wise, the DefenderPad will survive daily use abuse and some more as long as no power tools are involved. I suppose no one in their right mind would intentionally damage a $90 investment.



The DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield is an all-in-one protection solution against the most harmful radiations that emanate from our beloved portable devices. For all those who can’t avoid using a portable computer on your lap, keep reading!

DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield Specifications:

Designed to fit PC and Mac laptops with up to 17″ displays
2 lbs 3 oz / 0.9Kg
15.70 x 0.25 x 11 in / 399 x 64 x 280 mm
Black, Blue, Pink


DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield Features:


All information courtesy of DefenderPad @

DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield Testing & Results:

As stated before, we do not have access to the highly specialized type of facility or hardware needed to test the efficiency of the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield. For the purpose of this review, I will be reporting the results of the independent testing that was performed by US Tech between September 1 and October 2, 2012. The report was issued on the date of October 3, 2012 under project number 12-0384.

The objective of this independent testing was to measure the effectiveness of the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield at different frequencies. The long list of test instruments and accessories used include some specialized devices: audio signal generators, spectrum analyser, ELF field monitor, etc…

I will not go through the testing procedure in detail, since the full report can be found here as a PDF file. Basically the testing consists of measuring the level of radiation passing from a transmitter to a receiver, with and without the DefenderPad in between. The results are listed in the two tables below, and are rather impressive!

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) (Magnetic Component) Test Results:

Frequency (Hz)
Shielding Effectiveness (%)

Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Test Results:

Frequency (MHz)
Shielding Effectiveness (dB)
Shielding Effectiveness (%)

The measurement uncertainty (with a 95% confidence level) for this test is ± 1 dB.

The results show that the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield is capable of delivering the protection levels that it claims. Now keep in mind that any portable device we use emits radiations in all directions. The area affected by these fields is relative to (just to name a few variables) the type of the device, transmission power, and materials used for interior shielding. When a laptop is used on a desk, the body of the user is at least a foot away from the device; at such distance, the harmful effects of the radiations are minimized and considered acceptable by modern science standards. When a laptop is set on your lap, the ELF and RF radiation fields will be dangerously close to the body, thus most certainly to have a harmful effect. This is where the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield comes into play and provides an efficient protection by blocking the radiation at almost 100%. 

DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield Conclusion:

It is clear that the average technology user in our modern civilization is not fully aware of the potential health risks related to portable devices such as laptops and tablets. Just to name a few, we are exposed to risks of cancer, fertility problems, DNA damage, skin irritation, and nerve damage. These harmful effects are closely related to our habits and the ways we use our portable devices on a daily basis. Most users don't even bother investing in a relatively affordable laptop cooler, let alone a $90 pad. Yet we all know at least one person that uses a laptop for extended periods of time with the device sitting straight on their lap. From a common sense point of view, it doesn't seem like a good or healthy practice to me. Do devices that provide protection exist? Absolutely! Do we need more education and awareness about what risks we face? Again, the answer is yes.

The DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield Testing positions itself as a strong candidate in terms of protection against three major radiation types that laptops and tablets emit: ELF EMR (Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation), RF EMR (Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation), and Heat Radiation. The DefenderPad has proven capable of blocking the harmful effect of these radiations with 99% efficiency, thus allowing for safer operations and peace of mind when using portable devices. The fact that the unit is built to last and has very discreet looks just adds to its appeal. 

All things considered, the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield should be as mandatory as wearing a seat belt. Even if the product efficiency might be subject to controversy, opening the consumer eyes and pushing the mobile devices users to look into the health risks are worth the $90 in an era ruled by fine prints and non-existent information from manufacturers about such risks.