Deepcool UF120 Review

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Reviewed on: June 21, 2012
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Earlier this month I had the pleasure of reviewing Deepcool's GAMMAXX 400 CPU cooler. In this review I will be taking a look at Deepcool's UF120 case fan, but first I will give some background information on Deepcool. Deepcool's manufacturing facility is located in Shenzhen, China where it manufactures a variety of cooling products for laptops, iPad and graphics card coolers. Deepcool has been manufacturing cooling products for 15 years, and its attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship that goes into each product is remarkable. Having only recently entered the US market, Deepcool is ISO compliant which means it adheres to strict international guidelines in manufacturing, management, and continued improvement. In this review I will be examining their latest offering, the UF120 case fan, in its retail packaged form. I will be comparing it to similar fans for performance and cooling efficiency.

Closer Look:

The UF120 is packaged in a white box with blue accents, which seems to be the standard for Deepcool's products. The front of the package contains an angled view of the fan itself. Just above the photo in bold lettering are the words UF120 with De-Vibration TPE Cover. On the front left side is a listing of the features: 2 Ball Bearing design, De-Vibration, Super Silent and PWM Control. The backside of the box contains a single photo with a partial cutaway view describing the TPE technology. The backside also contains information in multiple languages. The main structure of the fan is made of normal plastic, but the impressive part lies in the outer cover that is made out of a soft, elastic TPE material that absorbs vibrations.












With the outer sleeve removed we find a plain white box with Deepcool's logo in the center. Once we flip the cover open we can see the fan and accessories box neatly tucked into a form-fitting case.



Next we have the included accessories: PWM Y-adapter, 4 pin male to female adapter and the female 4 pin to PWM adapter. The second photo shows a cutaway view of the TPE coating; it is a soft plastic that absorbs vibrations. Besides reducing fan noise, it also helps to extend the life of the fan. Deepcool has really done their research into reducing fan vibration, and it is evident in the craftsmanship that they put into the design of the UF120 case fan.



In the photos below we can take an even closer look at the fan itself. A front and back view shows you the TPE white covering on the frame of the fan; this covering is what helps reduce vibrations when the fan is running at 100%. The UF120 has a total of 9 blades that deliver up to 66 C.F.M. running at 1500RPM. The noise penalty for this fan from Deepcool is a maximum of 27 dBA, a rather quiet rating. The cabling is sleeved to improve looks and ease of wire management. It is equipped with a 4 pin connector to allow PWM control of this fan.



Mounting the UF120 to the chassis is accomplished by using the soft mounts instead of a quartet of screws. These rubber studs serve two purposes, to hold the UF120 securely in place and to further improve vibration dampening much like what Noctua does with their fans. Installation requires simply pushing the soft mount through the fan and chassis, then pulling to securely lock it into place. No tools are required.



Overall Dimension
Net Weight
Bearing Type
Ball Bearing
Rated Voltage
12V DC
Operating Voltage
10.8~13.2V DC
Started Voltage
Rated Current
0.13±10%A (MAX)
Power Input
Fan Speed
Max. Air Flow





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Testing of the Deepcool UF120 will consist of three stages. The first stage will consist of loading the test system for one hour using Prime95 small FFT's for the CPU and chipset. For the second stage I will be using 3DMark Vantage to load the GPU with the fan set to auto. The final stage will be a 30 minute cool-down period for the idle temperatures. The maximum load temperatures will be recorded using HW Monitor for the CPU and chipset and MSI Afterburner for the GPU. The UF120 and its comparison fan will be mounted in the rear of the case exhausting hot air from the components out the back of the computer.

Comparison Fan:







The results above showed that  the UF120 was capable of managing heat within a couple of degrees of its comparison fan. As a side note, the mounting of the UF120 takes some getting use to in my opinion. Instead of using the standard screws, the fan is mounted with rubber pins that can be tricky if you are working with limited space. I realized this minor detail after I had already mounted my CPU cooler. The rubber pins can also make it difficult to replace the front case fans. The nice part about the UF120 is how quiet it is even when you are running at its highest rated speed of 1500rpm.


In closing, Deepcool's UF120 case fan has a nice set of features, and the included cable adapters make this fan the most versatile around. Included is a 4 pin PWM to 4 pin Pass-Thru Molex connector cable, a 4 pin PWM Y cable, and a 4 pin PWM to 4 pin Molex 7V adapter cable. The TPE coating and rubber mounting pins make for an ultra quiet fan with a maximum noise level of only 27.8dBA. The pins help reduce vibrations compared to the conventional mounting hardware as the fan spins at the rated speed of 1500rpm. They also make the installation of this fan completely tool-free. Additionally, the sleeved power cable makes managing those pesky wires a breeze and will provide a very clean look for your case. The UF120 comes equipped with a 4 pin PWM plug so you can conveniently control the UF120's speed either through the motherboard's PWM fan plugs or via an aftermarket fan controller. Performance-wise, the UF120 did well against the comparison fan and only gave up a couple degrees Celsius during testing of the chipset. I would like to see the addition of some LEDs on the fan, but this exclusion is not a deal breaker for me. They would just make the UF120 more appealing to those of us who like to add a little color to our cases. The UF120 is not a fan you will find in the bargain hunters section of your local computer store. With a price set at just a little over $21.00 it falls roughly in the middle of the Kingwin Duro Bearing series at $17.95 and the Noctua’s NF-F12 at $24.95. At this price point, if you factor in the life expectancy and performance of the UF120, you simply can not go wrong. In short, Deepcool accomplished what it has set out to do with the UF120: to provide the end user with an affordable, easy to install, and ultra quiet product that also happens to perform extremely well.