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Reviewed on: November 18, 2010
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Laptops can be very convenient thanks to their mobility. The ability to pick up everything stored on your computer and take it with you anywhere is amazing, and is made possible by how compact a laptop actually is. However, it is this compactness that can also be a downfall for laptops since they have a much harder time dissipating the heat given off by their internal components. Many companies have come up with solutions for this heat problem, one of which is Deepcool with their N8 cooler. The N8 is a two fan, aluminum body notebook cooler that supports up to 15.4" laptops. Featuring a pair of 140mm fan's that deliver almost 95CFM worth of airflow, the cooling benefits should be substantial. The question though, is how well will it perform against a rather stacked field of portable computer coolers?

Closer Look:

The packaging that the N8 comes in is very standard. A cardboard box has a photo of the cooler and list of features on the front, and a few more pictures, as well as a list of specifications in several languages, on the back.

















The box opens to reveal the cooler, enclosed in plastic and protected on the sides with some cardboard packaging, easily visible. Underneath the cooler are two product catalogs in case you like the N8 so much you want to buy some other Deepcool products.



Also included is a male to male USB cord which is used to provide power to the fans and data to the USB hub.

Closer Look:

The Deepcool N8 itself has a silver color and, from the top down, has two large fans visible. These Hydro Bearing equipped fans are 140mm in size and combined push close to 95CFM of airflow against the back side of the notebook. The two fans are directed right under where the laptop will sit. The fans can also be seen from the back, which has a plain black finish and is plastic, as opposed to the top of the cooler which is made from extruded aluminum that functions in two ways. The extruded aluminum acts as a heat sink while channeling the airflow against and away from the base of your laptop or notebook.



















On the right side of the cooler is a power button and a single USB port. The button is to turn the fans on and off, while the USB port is used for power and to connect the USB hub to the laptop. The USB hub is on the left side of the cooler, and has three ports.



Finally, as can be seen in the picture below, my 15" MacBook Pro easily sits on the cooler with not much room to spare, which can be nice as it saves desk space and maximizes the cooling effects of the airflow.


Overall Dimension: 380X277.8X54.8mm
Fan Dimension: 140X140X15mm
Net Weight: 1300g
Bearing Type: Hydro Bearing
Rated Voltage: 5VDC
Operating Voltage: 4.5~5VDC
Starting Voltage: 4VDC
Rated Current: 0.24±10%A
Power Input: 1.2W
Fan Speed: 1000±10%RPM
Max. Air Flow: 94.7CFM
Noise: 25.1dB(A)




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The Deepcool N8 was tested in the same way as all the other coolers I have tested (listed below and also compared in the graphs). I used it in conjunction with my Macbook Pro while I let the laptop run in an idle state while running a temperature monitoring application (iStat Pro). This allowed me to get both my CPU and GPU temperatures. I then repeated the test with the cooler and with the laptop straight on my desk. To get load temperatures, I chose to run Civilization IV, which puts my Macbook Pro's hardware under a good deal of stress, generating heat. This was repeated on the cooler and on the desk. The results from this testing will be specific to a Macbook Pro, but other laptops with rear vents should provide similar results.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Coolers:


The results below show that while the Deepcool N8 didn't provide the coolest temperatures, it did provide very acceptable temperatures.



Lower numbers are better.

As the graphs show, the Deepcool N8's cooling ability is pretty much par for the course.


While the Deepcool N8 might not have as many frills as some of the other coolers I have reviewed, it does provide a professional, crisp, look that many other coolers do not have. This, bundled with decent cooling ability, provided by the aluminum base as well as the two large fans, as well as a USB hub make it a good choice for anyone who wants to give out a professional appearance while on the go. Additionally, its smaller size allows much more desk space to be used for other things while still allowing a 15" laptop to be used with it. Finally, the tilt of the N8 allows the user to derive ergonomic benefits by placing the laptop's built in keyboard at a slant. Overall, I would recommend the N8 to anyone who is looking for a professional looking laptop cooler that can still get the job done.