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Deepcool N8 Review

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Closer Look:

The Deepcool N8 itself has a silver color and, from the top down, has two large fans visible. These Hydro Bearing equipped fans are 140mm in size and combined push close to 95CFM of airflow against the back side of the notebook. The two fans are directed right under where the laptop will sit. The fans can also be seen from the back, which has a plain black finish and is plastic, as opposed to the top of the cooler which is made from extruded aluminum that functions in two ways. The extruded aluminum acts as a heat sink while channeling the airflow against and away from the base of your laptop or notebook.



















On the right side of the cooler is a power button and a single USB port. The button is to turn the fans on and off, while the USB port is used for power and to connect the USB hub to the laptop. The USB hub is on the left side of the cooler, and has three ports.



Finally, as can be seen in the picture below, my 15" MacBook Pro easily sits on the cooler with not much room to spare, which can be nice as it saves desk space and maximizes the cooling effects of the airflow.

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