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Deepcool GAMMAXX 400 Review

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Closer Look:

Deepcool has taken into consideration the height of the chipset coolers on some of today's latest motherboards by making the lower fins on the cooler shorter, which gives us some additional clearance. Looking at the side of the cooler we can see that it is rectangular in shape, measuring two inches in width. The upper fins are clamped together while the lower fins are held in place by simply being pressed onto the heat pipes without clamps along the side. In the next photo, running down both sides of the clamps we can see the grooves where the retention clips snap into place for the cooling fan/fans.

















Looking at the top of the cooler we can see the Deepcool logo along with the heat pipes extending from the top fin. In the photo next to it you can see that the 120mm cooling fan overlaps the top of the cooler by a little over a quarter inch. Even after adjusting the retention clips there was just no way to get around giving up some of the airflow from the fan. I am not sure if this is a design flaw or was intended to be this way but for a cooler that is only two inches in width every little bit of airflow over the fins will help increase cooling performance.



Taking a closer look at the base, it has a smooth finish, which is important when it comes to heat dissipation, but at the same time we still have some visible cracks in the base between the heat pipes and the aluminum. There is no sign that any thermal compound or solder was used, which would indicate the heat pipes are pressed into the base without the use of a thermal epoxy; this could affect performance. Otherwise, the four heat pipes pass through the fins in a U-shape that many other tower coolers utilize.



The stock 120mm fan that ships with the GAMMAXX 400 is clear in color with a smoked colored tint. It is equipped with blue LED lights, which adds to the overall appearance of the cooler, and is capable of moving 60.29CFM of air. Being a standard form factor fan it could be replaced with a higher CFM fan/fans that would help improve performance. This would increase the overall noise level, however the sacrifice would be one I could live with. The fan is PWM-capable with the operating voltage rated between 10.8 to 13.2VDC with a maximum noise level of 32.1 dBA at 1500rpm. The wiring itself is unsleeved; if the wiring had been sleeved it would have added value to the GAMMAXX 400 both in looks and performance by helping to increase the airflow.



All that is left to do is attach the mounting brackets for the cooler and we can mount it in our test rig.


The retention clips may be an issue on some motherboards if the top PCIe slot is in close proximity to the CPU socket, as was the case with my test setup seen in the first photo. In the right photo you can see the GAMMAXX 400 mounted in the case and hard at work.


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