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Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse



    Razer has a great program for the mouse settings. It’s easy to use, has a lot of features, all while being compact and visually appealing. Before we start, be sure you click the “Update” button and ensure that you have the latest firmware and driver versions.


As you can see, the buttons are labelled and have corresponding numbers that have drop down menus to allow you to pick the option for that button.  You can also change the action of the scroll wheel. The screen-shot on the left shows the options for buttons 1-5 and the right screen-shot displays the options for the scroll wheel.


After you change the settings of the buttons, take a look at the bottom of the program. See the options you have to change the DPI, polling rate, and profile? You can change the DPI anywhere from 450 DPI to 1800 DPI. The polling rate (response time) can be turned up as high has 1000Hz (1ms) to make your movements as fluid as possible. The other thing I like, is how you can customize 5 different profiles and load them at any time. Whenever you’re satisfied with the settings, you can save your configuration by clicking “Save/Load Settings” and then clicking “Save Config”.


Advanced functions can be opened by setting any of the 1-5 buttons or the scroll wheel to “Advanced Functions”. Once you set a button or scroll wheel to that, the “Advanced Functions” tab will pop open on the right-hand side. In “Advanced Functions”, you can set macros to buttons, combine On-The-Fly Sensitivity with a macro, use media functions for buttons and use basic commands such as copy, paste, and zoom in, out and so forth.


The “Advanced Settings” and “Sensitivity” tabs are located on the upper left-hand corner and can be changed at any time.  Basically, “Advanced Settings” allow you to change the X and Y sensitivity, so that you can move faster vertically than horizontally or however you’d like.  This is also the place that you can choose how fast you want your pointer to move and what the acceleration for it should be. For me, a pointer speed of 4 and an acceleration of 1 turned out to be perfect.  Changing your sensitivity is pretty self-explanatory, but what really caught my eye is the “Double-Click Speed”. I’ve never had the option to change that. Basically, you change the double-click speed and then double-click the glass below it and it shatters. The screen-shot below demonstrates the glass shattering.

After you’ve customized all of your settings and sensitivities, you can change up to 4 other profiles to your needs. I let 3 other friends of mine create their own profiles so that they can game to their best.  Once everything is complete, you’ll have to click “Apply” at the bottom and then “OK”.  If you change the polling rate, you’ll have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued) & Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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