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Project Danger Den Water Box Plus Case Review (Part 1)

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Closer Look:

Continuing with the case assembly, I install the case feet on the bottom panel and mount it to the rear panel assembly. The case feet attach with a cap screw threaded directly into the bottom panel of the case. These holes are tapped with the correct thread count and screw size to make sure that there are no issues during assembly. At this point, the whole assembly is a little awkward and needs to be supported while you are working. A crack because of carelessness at this point would be a real bummer and delay our project.






Instead of the clear case sides that come standard, I will be installing the colored panels we specified. The panels will be UV blue once lit up.



Once the side panels are secured you can move on to installing the power and reset switches. These appear to be industrial grade switches that slip through the pre-drilled holes in the case and are held in place with a nut and a rubber O-ring, which provide a cushion as well as functioning like a lock washer. The switches are identical and DangerDen makes sure you know which switch functions as power as well as which one is the reset by etching an "P" or "R" in the case above each switch.


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