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DangerDen Maze 4 CPU and GPU Waterblocks Review


Closer Look (Cont.)

There has been some recent discussion about WaterWetter in our forums, about it staining tubes, or even causing a gunk build up inside the system. I do know that WaterWetter will stain the tubing if you use an incorrect mix of water/WaterWetter. I've got the pink tubes to prove that. I can also say that correctly mixing it will not stain the tubes. – At least it hasn't for me yet, and it's been about 4 months.

As for the gunk build up in the system I'd guess that an incorrect mixture may cause the gunk buildup, but I've yet to encounter any problems. If you've had problems with WaterWetter let me know, I'd love to hear from you about it.

Now that we've seen all the parts I've used for my system, it's time to take a look at the blocks themselves. Here we have the Maze4 (AMD) CPU block and the (nVidia) GPU block.

The Maze4 CPU block that I received came with a laser cut Lucite top, but can also be ordered with a copper top. I asked DangerDen about the differences between the two, and was told that it's more of a personal preference. They've tested both, and found no real difference or change in performance when using one or the other.

The GPU blocks also have a few different color options available. As you can see, the one I have is black, but you can also chose from Red, Green, Purple, or Blue.

It wouldn't be a good review if we didn't have something to compare the Maze4 to, so I ended up getting a Maze3 block to compare it to.

As with the Maze4 CPU block the Maze3 CPU block is available with the lucite or copper top. Again, it's just a personal preference.

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Closer Look (Continued)
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