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DangerDen Maze 4 CPU and GPU Waterblocks Review


Closer Look:

The innovaRadi wasn't going to fit inside my case without some serious modification, so I just left it running outside the case for the time being. One of these days it'll actually end up inside the case, but it accomplishes what's needed right now.

One problem with the Innovatek radiator is that the barbs on them 3/8” OD, and the water blocks, tubing, and pump (for the most part) is 1/2” ID or 3/4” OD. This required a trip to Home Depot and Lowe's to get the right parts to make an adapter for the tubing. For about $2.00 I was able to make an adapter that worked well. I'll either go back and polish this, or maybe even paint it in the future.

Home Made Addapers

To move air through the radiator, I'll be using 2 120mm Sunon fans. Loud and lots of air… works for me. Most people would probably want to use a bit quieter, more “user friendly” fan.

2x 120mm Sunon Fans

Perhaps the fans are a little to much…. I haven't had to dust my room since I hooked these up. Wonder why.

The tubing I'm using is Tygon Tubing. Mainly 1/2”ID tubing, with 3/8” ID running from the adapters to the radiator.

Tygon Tubing

The next to last thing selected was the reservoir. At the time, really the only reservoir available was this round reservoir. It's somewhat awkward when trying to mount it in a case. Thankfully now, there are reservoirs available that fit in either the 3.5” or 5.25” drive bays.

And of course, the last thing to be purchased was the liquid. I've heard people use a lot of different things inside their water-cooling systems. Alcohol, windshield wiper fluid, and tap water to name a few things. Alcohol and plastic aren't exactly a good mix, so I decided to go with distilled water, it's probably the most commonly used thing. Distilled water can be found pretty easily, usually at anyplace that sells medical supplies such as band aids, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, etc. I got mine at a local Walgreens. To help prevent corrosion, I also purchased some WaterWetter super coolant.

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