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DangerDen MaximumCPU Water Cooling kit Review



Let me say that this will not be a tutorial on installing the kit, as it was quite easy. Simply unmount your old cooling system, and then use the supplied screws, spacers, and nuts to tighten down your new waterblocks. First things first with a new watercooling setup, I measured all the lengths of hose (after a dry mount), and plumbed the kit outside of the case. Plumbing was a breeze as you simply slide the hose over the barb and use one of the push-ties to hold it in place.

Next step was to fill the system and leave it running for a day to check for leaks. Once I was sure that there were no leaks, I powered down the system, drained it, and proceeded to install it into my computer. First comes the CPU, which requires you to remove the stock cooling from your processor. My style of motherboard has a screw on either side of the CPU to fasten down the cooler. Remove the top mounting plate, but leave the back plate as the TDX utilizes the stock backplate. Use the supplied hardware to fasten the CPU block, which is secured using 2 threaded rods, nylon washers, and some springs. Tighten down the block until you feel that it is snug. Don’t be worried about damage as the CPU can take a lot of clamping force. Plus, it needs to be tight for the best heat transfer.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look continued
  3. Closer Look continued
  4. Installation
  5. Installation continued & Specifications
  6. Testing
  7. Tempratures - Video card
  8. Conclusion
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