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Danger Den Water Box Plus Case (Part 5)

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The top of the case has cutouts for two 80mm fans. Having a UV reactive board meant that I had to use UV lamps somewhere, so I figured why not use a fan with the lamp already attached and kill two bird with one stone? Attaching the fans to a 3/8 thick acrylic case wall using just screws would not work, so I used a short piece of number 6-32 allthread to make my own attaching screws to go all the way through the case, fan and UV lamp. The ends of the allltread are capped with number 6-32 acorn nuts to leave a smooth surface in case of any incidental contact with the tubing. Finding a place to mount the UV cathode converters presented some challenges, but where there is a will, there is a way. The air inlet grill above the I/O panel presented a convenient location to mount the converters for the UV cold cathodes on the top fans, nice and cool.




At this point the case is basically done. Mounting the top panel, re-checking all of the wiring connections and installing the front panel are all that is left before the fun begins. So let's get to it. The top and front panels use the same mounting method as the rest of the case with a captured nut that the screw runs through to pull the panel into position. Now that we have the case finished, let's step back and take a look! First up, the front and rear views with the Overclockersclub.com artwork front and center.



Side views as well as the 3/4 view help to finish out the 360 view of the completed case.



Of course, what would a case with UV components be without the shots in the dark? If you said just a plain case you would be correct! This is no ordinary case! This is the Overclockersclub.com Overclocking to the Next Level Case!



After the long buildup, it's time to do some testing on the case and components. Follow along as we put this case through its paces.

  1. Installation
  2. Installation (Continued )
  3. Installation (Continued )
  4. Installation (Continued )
  5. Installation (Continued )
  6. Installation (Continued )
  7. Testing
  8. Conclusion
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