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Danger Den Water Box Plus Case (Part 5)

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If you are going to use more than one optical drive, you will want to make sure that they are of the short variety. I was in luck because my two drives were of the short style. The reason for this is readily apparent when you insert both drives and find that one tries to occupy the space of the other one. You will want to slide the optical devices into the case to test fit them. As an alternative, you can use a fan controller or card reader in place of another optical drive.

The optical drives attach to brackets mounted under the motherboard tray. To install the drives, slide them into the case and do all of the wiring before tightening the drives into place on the supplied brackets. There is nowhere near enough room to do so once the drives are in place. Danger Den has left holes in the case wall to allow for tightening the rear screws for the optical drives to provide a secure mount.



Once the under side is complete, with the exception of mounting the pump and attaching the tubing, prepping the motherboard for the installation of the CPU water block was next on the agenda. Mounting the block to the board is achieved by using four lengths of number 6-32 allthread secured through the board with two jam nuts insulated by nylon washers. After the first one, repeat three more times until all four studs are installed. This is the foundation used to tighten the block down.




With the mounting studs in place, we can get the CPU block situated on the studs in preparation for the final installation. Test fit the CPU block onto the board to check for any possible interference. I found that installing the block horizontally across the socket, the mounting plate on the block hit the PWM heatsink. This could be fixed in a couple of ways: one, rotate the block into the vertical keeping the water impingement area on the center of the core or two, you can break out the dremel tool and start cutting away the offending metal. We chose the first option and mounted it vertically.



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