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Project Danger Den Water Box Plus Case (Part 4)

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Closer Look:

Most air cooling solutions (including stock) for the 8800 series video cards take up at least two expansion slots on the board's surface. This becomes a problem when it comes time to install any expansion cards. You may be out of luck when it comes to using air to cool the components, I know I was. The thin design of the DD-8800GTS makes the use of these expansion slots possible again. This fact alone makes the choice to go water cooling worth the effort.





Because we will be using two video cards in our setup, a short 1/2 inch fitting was supplied to manage the space between the two video cards. Two of the standard length fittings will not allow the cards into the slots to run SLI. You can clearly see the difference in the size of the fitting when a comparison is being made



The items that come with the 8800GTS block include all of the mounting hardware, as well as a set of instructions. A tube of Artic Silver Ceramique is included, as well as a thermal pad that must be used for the power regulation circuits.



As you can see, the size difference between the water and air cooling sinks is huge. Going from a dual slot cooling to single slot is going to open up the slots lost to air cooling.


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