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Project Danger Den Water Box Plus Case (Part 4)

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Closer Look:

There are many options when it comes to cooling your graphics card. You can use just a simple water block for exclusively the graphics processor and use glue or tape on air cooled heatsinks for the memory and power circuits, or you can use a full coverage style block like the one we have chosen. The DD-8800GTS. This block is a full coverage style block that cools not only the GPU, but the memory and power regulation circuits as well. Danger Den states that one should be able to gain a 30 percent overclock by using this particular block. That's a pretty impressive claim I must say. Let's dig a little deeper into this full coverage block to see what it has in store for us.


The box is quite similar to the CPU block box, but bigger and identified as the DD8800GTS. Simple and understated packaging puts the focus on what is inside. Opening the up box shows how the unit is packaged. The block comes sandwiched between two pieces of eggshell foam to prevent any damage.




Instead of the usual acrylic tops that you often see on a full coverage block, this block uses a Delrin (Acetel) cover engraved with the Danger Den logo. The contact surface of the block is the important part here, it's sort of where the rubber meets the road. The 8800GTS covers all of the heat generating components on all of the reference design (EVGA, BFG, XFX, PNY, etc.) 8800GTS video cards. The components that are covered include the GPU chip, the memory chips, the voltage regulators and I/O chip.



The contact surface of the water block is hand lapped to create a flat smooth mating surface to promote better cooling of the GPU. The areas around the GPU contact surface are not machined as well, but they are not in contact with any of the heat producing components.

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