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DangerDen Custom Water Cooling Kit Review


Closer Look (Cont.)

This is a top view of the pump. The hole you see here, is where the water will be flowing "out" of the pump.

When ordering your kit from DangerDen.com they give you a few fan options. You can choose from a Sunon 120mm 4pin plug fan, a Papst 120mm that has no plug on it (good for a baybus or fanbus), and they also have a Papst 120mm 4pin plug fan. I think the Sunon would be louder than the Papst, but it would also blow more air and theoretically cool the water a tad more. I went with the Papst 120mm with the 4pin plug, mainly because I wanted to a quiet cooling solution and I was willing to sacrifice a few degrees to get what I wanted.

The fan is just your basic 120mm case fan. If you already have a 120mm case fan lying around your house you could use it, and save $12-$21 depending on the fan.

I really love the clear reservoir that came with my water cooling kit. It's a clear reservoir that is made out of plexi glass I guess. A clear reservoir will allow you to keep an eye on your water and make sure you don't have any algae or any little critters growing in your water lines and reservoir. The reservoir has to pre-drilled and threaded holes in the side of it. One would be for the water exit and the other for the water entry. On the top of the reservoir there is a bright red screw on cap that has a rubber seal around it to prevent water from seeping out. The water tubing is also sold with the reservoir, when you order a custom kit from DangerDen.com. They sell two types of tubing, one which is called Tygon (the kind I have) and they also sell Silicon tubing. I went with the Tygon tubing because I have never had any before. I like it because it's very durable but it's hard to work with, plain and simple.

I received a 4oz bottle of Water Wetter with my kit as well. They also sell a big 12oz bottle, for those of you with lots of needs. The 4oz bottle only costs a few dollars and its worth every penny! Water Wetter is designed to provide improved metal wetting and excellent corrosion inhibition when added to plain water or a glycol coolant, such as anti-freeze. The stuff not only helps keep corrosion down, but can also increase cooling by 10% or more. I'll discuss more about the performance of Water Wetter, later on when I perform a few tests.

Last but certainly no least, we have the Geforce 4 copper water block. One of the major differences between the GF4 water block and the CPU water block, is that this water block has a clear lucite acrylic top on it. I think it looks very cool, and it would look even better if you installed a bright blue LED in the side of the acrylic :) As you can see from the picture, they have DangerDen etched on top of the acrylic. I wonder if they do custom etches? hrmm The CPU water block can also be bought with this clear acrylic top, however I bought the CPU water block with the copper top to show a comparison of what both looks like. If you don't have a Geforce 4 then you are still in luck. DangerDen.com sells Geforce 2 & 3 water blocks, along with chipset water block for your Northbridge chip on your motherboard.

The inside of the water block has a machined precision cut. Around the lip under the acrylic is a rubber seal to prevent leaking.

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  2. Closer Look
  3. Closer Look (Continued)
  4. Installation
  5. Installation (Continued)
  6. Testing
  7. Testing (Continued) & Conclusion
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